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September 2020

Issue #308 - September 2020

In this Month’s Issue:

  • Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX Loudspeaker, Subsonic Subwoofer, and ActivXO Crossover
  • Polk Audio Legend L100 Loudspeaker
  • Bluesound Node 2i Music Server
  • Technics SL-1500C Turntable
  • Channel D Lino C 2.0 Phonostage
  • Bel Canto E1X Integrated Amplifier
  • Yamaha C-5000 Preamplifier, M-5000 Power Amplifier, NS-5000 Loudspeakers, and GT-5000 Turntable
  • REL S/812 Sub-Bass System
  • Larsen Model 9 Loudspeaker
  • Acora Acoustics SRC-1 Loudspeaker
  • Aurender W20SE Music Server

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