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Drew Kalbach

I have a degree in English from Temple University and a Masters in Fine Arts with a specialty in poetry from the University of Notre Dame. I’m a full-time self-published author with over 100 books in both romance and men’s adventure fiction.


Audio by Van Alstine Transcendence 10 RB Preamplifier and Vision SET 120 Stereo Power Amplifier

What constitutes the “entry level” isn’t always obvious. Because we […]


Yamaha R-N803 Network Receiver

I started this review by unplugging absolutely everything. My amp, […]


Schiit Audio Mani Phonostage

Young people are into vinyl. I know that’s a weird […]


Emotiva A-150 BasX Power Amplifier

Power amplifiers aren’t the most exciting components in the world. […]


Wharfedale Diamond 225

This is the world I grew up in: iPods, ear […]

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