Unique LP Collection Goes on the Market

Unique LP Collection Goes on the Market

I know of, and have seen, many extraordinary LP collections over the years, but the one that has just been offered for sale includes rarities that seldom become available—if at all. This collection’s owner, whom I know, provided the description and photographs below for me to share with TAS readers. Although only a handful of individuals in the world have the means and interest to acquire this collection, I thought that readers would enjoy perusing the oddities and seeing the photos. With that, here is the seller's description of the collection. —Robert Harley

It’s not about size – it’s about quality.  (OK, maybe a little bit about size!) This prestigious collection has been decades in the making, containing thousands of rare and hard to find items that were never made available to the public.  Thousands of exclusive RADIO ONLY, DJ COPY, test pressings, limited releases, unreleased versions, and publicity material that was never sold at retail.

What makes this unique collection so valuable? The catalog is an elite library of over 7,000 LPs, 45s & 78s.  Thousands of the records are still factory sealed or have never been played. That alone would make it impossible to replicate.  It’s an exceptional collection containing rare PR material, special inserts and hard to find original LP posters and artwork.  There are collectibles throughout the catalog including rare color vinyl, autographed LPs, historical liner notes, alternate takes, and audiophile high-quality pressings.

It’s a pristine collection that’s been lovingly maintained, stored and cultivated for over 45 years by an industry insider who had access to exclusive material, and chose to preserve it all for the future…which is now.

The library is organized by genre, which includes an extensive 60s/70s/80s Rock library, Jazz, Country, Classical, Comedy, Soundtracks, Compilations, historical recordings, and much more. A superior collection in excellent condition, but still meant to be enjoyed.

One highlight is an extremely rare limited edition “Motown Yesteryear Series” complete catalog of every 45 rpm Motown released for its 25th anniversary.  All 191 of the records are in consecutive order and have never been played.  You probably won’t find that little gem anywhere else.

Thousands of records are in the collection, and individually many are rare, collectible and extremely valuable – but put them all together and the entire collection becomes invaluable.  Like the impact of the Beatles as a group – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s more than just the great music – it’s also the collectible artwork that’s part of this fabulous collection.

Remember the huge poster from Chicago’s LP “Live At Carnegie Hall vol. I II III IV” that was so large it took up an entire wall?  Yep – it’s in there – and in perfect condition, along with the collectible posters and stickers from Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” Prince, Beatles, and more.

Ever see the promo material “introducing new talent” Whitney Houston?  Or the printed insert in the first Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers album introducing the band?  A mail-in card to join the KISS fan club.  The concert program that was included in The Band’s “The Last Waltz” box set.  Rare PR material on David Bowie, Phil Collins, Journey and even Aretha Franklin.  There are bits of history throughout the collection. 

Over 1,100 factory sealed LPs from the catalogs of The Beatles, Elvis, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Who, Doors, CSN, Queen, Bob Seger and Rush…just to name a few.

Extremely rare test pressings of:  The Ramones, Chicago, Joe Cocker, J.Geils, Talking Heads, X, Tom Waits, Quiet Riot, The Knack, Diahann Carroll with Duke Ellington…and many more.

12” radio only releases.  These were often different versions of hit songs, and better vinyl quality because they were pressed and distributed for radio stations to play on air.

Rare 78s, some over 100 years old.  Note the small print on this shellac record from 1907 that says “not to be sold in US for less than $1” – a lot of money in those days!

If you’ve ever wanted to own an amazing record collection of exceptional quality and variety, and a real piece of history – this could be your chance.  You won’t find a privately owned record collection like this anywhere else. A first-class vinyl collection like this doesn’t come around very often – if at all.

For the first time, this extraordinary collection is being made available to own in its entirety.  For more information, or to take a “tour” of the catalog go to:

theviprpm.com  or theviprpm@gmail.com