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Totem Acoustic Launches Sky Bookshelf Monitor

The following is a press release issued by Totem Acoustic.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada | January 17, 2017: Totem Acoustic, soon to be proudly celebrating its 30th year of designing and manufacturing innovative, category leading, loudspeakers, has officially launched the Sky bookshelf monitor worldwide.

Purposefully designed to capture the broadest audience yet, the new Sky marries the signature Totem characteristics of enormous imaging, phase coherence, and remarkable bass response with amplifier friendly compatibility and prodigious power handling. Once again redefining the luxury bookshelf monitor category and true to Totem form, the Sky’s impactful auditory abilities defy the visual expectations associated with an attractive, conveniently sized cabinet.

As a Canadian company, Totem Acoustic provided their home country with an early glimpse of the Sky at the TAVES show in Toronto in October 2016 and was warmly received but the true worldwide debut took place recently at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. There, among 2.5 million square feet of displays and rooms by over 3600 companies, it managed to stand out from an overwhelming crowd and was named one of the 10 Stars of CES by the renown and discriminating What HiFi.

Totem Acoustic speakers have become synonymous for extraordinary performance and expansive imaging that completely belies their compact, stylish package. Monitors like the original Model One, which reached practically mythological status in the industry and put Totem on the map, and the technologically advanced Fire featuring their revolutionary Torrent drivers are difficult acts to follow. However, the SKY follows quite rightfully in this tradition and has also set new standards of its own.

“Compared to our current and even comparable heritage models I wanted the Sky to have the widest broadband appeal for today’s world of consumers,” says Vince Bruzzese, founder, President, and designer of all things Totem when discussing the design goals behind Sky. “I wanted it to be easier to drive so it didn’t require extremely powerful amplification, provide even deeper bass than models we have with similar dimensions, and I paid careful attention to on and off axis response so it could provide an immense, holographic result and excel in just about anywhere a customer chooses to place it within their home.”

Every Totem loudspeaker is greater than the sum of its parts and there were certain elements that were particularly crucial to accomplishing Vince’s goals.

The SKY features an inimitable 5” woofer equipped with an oversized 3”, voice coil wound with flat wire to avoid air gaps that permits an extremely long throw and an astounding power handling rating of 500w.

The tweeter is a unique, wide dispersion 1.3” soft dome powered by a formidable neodymium magnet that goes all the way out to 29.5kHz. The tweeter features a 1st order crossover composed of a very precious few, high end components. The woofer, remarkably and true to all Totem designs, is crossed over fastidiously and seamlessly.

An application of borosilicate to the interior of the speaker enclosure eliminates the standing waves that resonate, affect the cone movement, and cause anomalies at certain frequencies. They call this standing waves. Borosilicate will not deteriorate the way other materials used for the same purpose, such as fiberglass, cotton filler, and other fibrous materials, inevitably will. It is an expensive option but ensures, again, consistent, superior performance for the life of the speaker.

The final unquantifiable element are the hundreds of hours that go into meticulously voicing the final product before the speaker passes their strict guidelines and is then named.

“SKY was aptly named for the wide-open nature of its sound,” says Lucy Lentini, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Based on preliminary feedback from our valued dealers and worldwide distributors it also suitably expresses both the height of our expectations of it and its limitless potential. And from a new product perspective, while it offers a variety of innovative, unique characteristics it’s also very true to our heritage and like all Totem speakers, the SKY’s auditory abilities defy visual expectations.”

The SKY is slim, trim, and brims with the latest advancements in speaker design such as those found in the following impressive list.

  • A high performance 5-inch driver featuring long throw characteristics and 3-inch voice-coil with 500W peak transient capacity.
  • A 1.3” soft dome tweeter and neodymium magnet assembly with extremely wide and tall dispersion characteristics that extends all the way out to 29.5kHz.
  • Lock- mitered craftsmanship ensuring uncompromising cabinet rigidity that results in consistent performance for literally decades.
  • Industry unique Borosilicate dampening manages energy dissipation in a desired, controlled manner within the enclosure while keeping the cabinet musically alive.
  • Sensational on and off axis response to provide an enormous and lifelike soundstage.
  • Providing the ultimate in versatility and placement convenience, the Sky can be placed close or away from a rear wall, free standing or in a bookshelf, on low boy style furniture or mounted higher on a wall, and even positioned as close together as two feet and still maintain perfect imaging and an enormous soundstage.
  • Single or bi-wire capabilities accommodate traditional or more advanced wiring options.
  • An 8ohm nominal impedance facilitates the Sky’s use with a greater variety of electronics.
  • Magnetic grills included for easy removal, longevity, and a cosmetic option.
  • Available in quarter cut hand selected black ash and mahogany veneers or multi coat satin white finish allowing easy integration to any decor
  • Real in-room frequency response of 48Hz -29 kHz +- 3 dB with proper placement.
  • Cabinet dimensions: H12” x W6.3” x D9” (30.48 x 16 x 22.86)

The Sky retails for $1850 throughout North America and is now shipping around the world.

About Totem Acoustic
Created in 1987 by sound sage Vince Bruzzese, Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of reproducing a truly musical and involving performance. Our goal is to provide designs that are both affordable and real ‘soul movers’ for the music lover and surround lover. Music of any period, country or style is accurately and emotionally rendered with a powerful focus that is yet soul stirring. Discover yours today.

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