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TIDAL Audio appoints Rutherford Audio Inc. as Distributor

The following is a press release issued by Tidal Audio.

DENVER, CO | May 20th, 2020 – Tidal Audio of Cologne Germany has announced the appointment of Rutherford Audio Inc. with offices in Denver, Colorado and Vancouver, Canada as its official distributor in the USA.

Rutherford Audio Inc. is a HiFi distribution and sales company covering North America with some of the finest HiFi products available from Europe. The addition of TIDAL to the portfolio further develops the high end with speakers and electronics that are built to a level beyond compare.

TIDAL – ultimate audio systems. Founded in 1999 with one goal: to build the finest audio systems in the world, defined by manufacturing unique masterpieces with jewelry finish, timeless sophisticated design and benchmark performance to reproduce music no less than lifelike.

Every detail, every single part and every step involved in making a TIDAL masterpiece exists in a world that is free from the bounds of cost optimization and budgetary limitations. “Sound, Design and Finish for us is nothing less than the three essential parts resulting in what a true audio system shall be. Melted together thru passion, finest craftsmanship and extensive engineering. The result is described as showcasing the capabilities of a manufacturer whose obsession with quality in design,  materials, circuit concept, fit, finish, and musicality borders on the religious.”

With the finest lacquer finish available in Europe on any product Niemann, CEO of Rutherford Audio Inc. expresses his passion for quality products in establishing a relationship with TIDAL Audio. “We are building upon the great work of Doug White who has pioneered the brand for ten years as a premium dealer and now it is time to support him and other new dealers with distribution for the next ten plus years.”

Jorn commented, “We are happy to share the same vision and plans of actions with Rutherford Audio as the next step of extending the network of TIDAL dealers in the USA”

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