The Absolute Sound 2014 Guide to Affordable High-End Audio: Now Available for Free Download

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The Absolute Sound 2014 Guide to Affordable High-End Audio: Now Available for Free Download

We at The Absolute Sound are proud to announce the latest addition to our line of popular Buyer’s Guides, the 2014 Guide to Affordable High-End Audio—available as a FREE download right now. We worked long and hard to find the affordable hi-fi products that bring you the “most bang for your buck,” and have compiled them in an easy-to-navigate—and beautiful—PDF. With this Buyer’s Guide you’ll have the knowledge and power to make 2014 your best sounding year yet—all without spending a ton of money.

The systems featured in the 2014 Guide to Affordable High-End Audio are expertly chosen, not only for their sound quality, but also for their budget friendliness. A complete system including products found in this guide can be assembled for less than $1000. We hope you enjoy the latest edition of our Guide to Affordable High-End Audio.

The Absolute Sound 2014 Buyer’s Guide to Affordable High-End Audio features some of the best affordable high-end gear from the last few years, as well as a host of new content created expressly for this outstanding online Buyer’s Guide, including:

  • Previously Unpublished Reviews: Read new reviews of DACs, components, speakers, turntables, and other products
  • New Layout: Five easy-to-navigate categories: Electronics; Analog; DACs; Speakers; and Cables
  • Top Picks: At the end of each category, our editors have chosen the affordable high-end products they would recommend to friends and family—and even personally own
  • Sneak Previews: Sneak previews of forthcoming products from Oppo and Lyngdorf
  • On The Horizon: New and upcoming loudspeakers of merit about to be introduced
  • Feature: Robert Harley on “How to Choose an Audio System,” which provides invaluable insight into your next purchase and making a hi-fi budget
  • More Reviews: Over thirty expert reviews of the best affordable products

Note: Download may take up to several minutes to complete. Thank you for your patience