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The 40 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

The 40 Greatest Bargains in High-End Audio

Entry Level

AudioQuest DragonFly Black & Red DAC, $99/$199
Elac Debut B5 and Elac Debut F5 loudspeakers, $229/$560
Rega RP1 turntable, $445
NAD D 3020 integrated amplifier, $499
Audio by Van Alstine Vision phonostage, $499
Magnepan MMG loudspeaker, $599
NuPrime IDA-8 integrated/DAC, $995

A Step Up

HiFiMan HE400S planar-magnetic headphones, $299
Onkyo DP-X1 portable player with MQA, $799
Odyssey Khartago stereo power amplifier, $995
REL T/7i subwoofer, $999
PSB Imagine X2T loudspeaker, $1298
Magnepan .7 loudspeaker, $1395
Merrill-Williams GEM Dandy PolyTable turntable, $1495
KEF LS50 loudspeaker, $1499
Exposure 3010S2D integrated amplifier, $2795


Oppo PM-1 planar-magnetic headphones, $1099
JL Audio e110/e112 subwoofers, $1500/$1900
GoldenEar Triton Five loudspeaker, $1999
Audio Alchemy DDP-1 preamp and DAC/DPA-1 power amplifier, $1995/$1995
Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC, $2000
Parasound Halo integrated amplifier, $2495
Aurender N100H music server, $2695
Joseph Audio Prism loudspeaker, $3699

Upper End

Audeze LCD-X planar-magnetic headphones, $1699
Air Tight PC-7 phono cartridge, $2500
Acoustic Signature Challenger III turntable, $4495
Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Series 2, $4995
Hegel H360 integrated amplifier, $5700
Vandersteen Treo CT loudspeaker, $7990
Wilson Audio Sabrina loudspeaker, $15,900
Avantgarde Acoustic Zero 1 Pro active horn loudspeaker, $21,000

Ultra High End

Ortofon MC A95 phono cartridge, $6499
Constellation Inspiration Series electronics, $11,000 each
JL Audio Gotham subwoofer, $12,000
T+A PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier and PDP 3000 HV music player $17,000/$22,500
AMG Viella 12 record player, $17,500
Berkeley Audio Alpha Reference DAC Series 2, $19,500
MartinLogan CLX Art loudspeaker, $25,495
Magico S7 loudspeaker, $58,000


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