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TAS Super LP List 2016

TAS Super LP List 2016

Of the many articles and reviews that Harry Pearson wrote for The Absolute Sound, his annual Super LP List (aka SuperDisc List) may have been the most eagerly anticipated. The issue in which it was published was the one that everyone had to buy, borrow, or copy. Why? Because whether you were rich or poor, active in the high-end audio market or just kicking tires, it was the one issue of TAS you could make daily practical use of—it was your road map to the absolute sound. 

Back in the day, hundreds of guys like me carried that list with them to record stores, garage sales, estate sales, library sales, rummage sales, the basements of unsuspecting neighbors. With HP’s recommendations in hand we pawed at musty cardboard boxes and peach bins full of vinyl, rifling through stack after stack of fifty-cent LPs stinking of mildew and cat piss in search of the titles Harry deemed worthiest. 

Who didn’t lust for that 1s/1s Pines of Rome? Who wouldn’t have sold his soul for—or cheated a widow and an orphan out of—that black-label Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall? Almost single-handedly HP created a market so important, voracious, and enduring that, even now, used-record dealers demand a premium for mint copies of his favorites, while select titles from his Super LP List continue to be re-issued by companies the world over. 

It is our aim here to preserve and expand upon what Harry created. While it may not ignite the frenzy that it once did, TAS’ new Super LP List contains every LP that HP recommended when the list was last published in 2014. It also contains better than 200 new titles that JV and the TAS staff have deemed worthy of adding. While tampering with the master’s work may seem sacrilegious to some HP loyalists, remember that through the years Harry himself rethought and replenished the list, as recent recordings and previously unheard older ones came his way. And remember, as well, that JV added titles of his own to the last published lists at HP’s express behest. 

In keeping with Harry’s practice, each and every new entry on the list is marked with a dagger () symbol, and those recordings that are still available new or re-issued are marked with a double dagger (). LPs with particularly natural, as opposed to hi-fi spectacular sound have been awarded an asterisk (*).

As time passes, we anticipate adding more titles to the Super LP List, but its core—Harry’s own picks—will remain constant. JV


• Arnold: English, Scottish, & Cornish Dances. Lyrita SRCS-109
• Brahms/Debussy/Bartók: Sonatas/Abel, Steinberg. Wilson Audiophile W-8722*
• Gerhard: The Plague. Decca Head 6
• Gershwin: Porgy & Bess complete/Maazel. Decca SET 609-11*
• Herold-Lanchbery: La Fille Mal Gardée. Decca/ORG 0109-45 (45rpm)*‡
Hi-Fi a la Española. Mercury/Classic SR-90144*
• Holst: The Planets/Mehta, LA. Decca/ORG 122-45 (45rpm)*‡
• Prokofiev: Scythian Suite. Mercury/ORG 118-45 (45rpm)*‡
• Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 3. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90283*‡
• Ravel: La Valse/Paray. Mercury/Classic SR-90313*‡
• Respighi: Feste Romane/Maazel. Decca SXL-6822
• Stravinsky: The Firebird/Dorati. Mercury/Classic SR-90226*‡
• Widor: Symphony No. 6, Allegro. Mercury SR-90169


• Bachrach: Casino Royale. Colgems/Classic Records 5005Q‡
Balalaika Favorites. Mercury/Classic Records SR90310-45 (45rpm)‡
Belafonte At Carnegie Hall. RCA/Analogue Productions LSP-6006 *‡
• Ellington: For Duke. M & K Realtime UMK&K101
• Ralph Hunter Choir: The Wild, Wild West. RCA LSP-l968*
• Dean Martin: Dream with Dean. Reprise/Analogue Productions 076-45 (45rpm)*†‡
Music for Bang, Ba-room and Harp. RCA/Analogue Productions LSP-1866‡
• Peter, Paul & Mary: In The Wind. Warner Bros./ORG 071 (45rpm)*†‡
• Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon. EMI Harvest SHVL-804‡
The Sheffield Track Record. Sheffield Lab-20*
• Don Shirley: Water Boy. Columbia CS-9196*
The Weavers Reunion at Carnegie Hall, 1963. Vanguard/Analogue Productions 005*‡


• Alain: Organ Works (complete). Erato EDO-250/2 
• Albeniz: Suite Española/De Burgos, New Philharmonia. London CS-6581/ORG 100†‡
• Anderson: Music of Leroy Anderson (Vol. II). Mercury SR-90043
• Antill: Corroboree. (Australian) EMI OASD-7603
• Arnold: Guitar Concerto/Bream. RCA LSC-2487*
• Arnold: Overtures. Reference Recordings RR-48
• Arnold: Peterloo Overture: Symphony No. 5. EMI ASD-2878
• Babbitt: All Set/Contemporary Chamber Ensemble. Nonesuch 71303†
• Bach: Six Solo Cello Suites/Starker. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-39016-3*†‡
• Bach: The Keyboard Concertos/Gould. Columbia/Speakers Corner 71449†‡
• Bach-Elgar: Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor. EMI ASD-2970
• Bach-Stokowski: Symphonic Transcriptions. Chandos ABRD-1055
• Balbastre: Harpsichord Works. Afka SK-298
• Barber/Menotti: Violin Concertos/Ricci, Pacific Symphony. Reference Recordings RR-45†
• Bartók: Concerto For Orchestra/Reiner. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-1934*‡
• Bartók: Divertimento For String Orchestra/Barshai. Decca 6026†
• Bartók: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2374*‡
• Bartók: The Six String Quartets/Juilliard Quartet. Columbia Masterworks D3S 717*†
• Bartók: Sonata for 2 Pianos & Percussion/Solti, Perahia. CBS Masterworks M 42625†
• Bax: Symphony No. 6. Musical Heritage Soc MHS 1198
• Beethoven: Appassionata Sonata/Kamiya. RCA/JVC RDC-4
• Beethoven: Cellosonaten/Rostropovich. Philips/Speakers Corner 2920†‡
• Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 4/Gould, Bernstein. Columbia/Impex 6011†‡
• Beethoven. Symphony No. 5/C. Kleiber. Deutsche Grammophon DGR 31881†‡
• Beethoven: Symphony No. 6/Walter. Columbia/Analogue Productions AAPC 077‡
• Beethoven: Symphony No. 9/Solti, Chicago. Decca GBB-121/2
• Beethoven: Violin Sonatas Nos. 5 & 9/Oistrakh. Philips/Speakers Corner 835259†‡
• Bennett: 5 Studies For Piano/Bennett. Argo ZRG 704†
• Berg: Lulu & Wozzeck Suites. Mercury SR-90278
• Berio: Cries of London/Swingle II. Decca Head 15†
• Berlioz: Requiem/Fremaux, et al. EMI SLS-982
• Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique/Munch, BSO. RCA/Classic LSC-1900*
• Birtwistle: The Triumph of Time/Boulez. Argo ZRG-790†
• Bizet: Carmen Suite/Gibson. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2449†‡
• Bliss: Music for Strings. Lyrita SRCS-33*
• Bloch: Concerto Grosso No. 1. Mercury SR-90223*
• Borodin: Symphony No. 2/Ansermet. London/Speakers Corner 6126‡
• Brahms: Alto Rhapsody/Walter. Columbia MS-6488
• Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1/Curzon, Szell. London/ORG 103 (45rpm)†‡
• Brahms: Sextuor a Cordes No. 1, Op. 18/Les Musiciens. Harmonia Mundi HM 1073†
• Brahms: Sonata for Cello/Starker. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90392*†‡
• Bredemeyer: Schlagstück 5. NOVA 8 85 186†
• Brian: Symphony No. 9. EMI ASD-3486
• Britten: Four Sea Interludes. EMI ASD-3154
• Britten: Nocturnes. London/ORG 152 (45rpm)†‡
• Britten: The Prince of the Pagodas. Decca Ace-of-Diamonds GOS-558-9
• Britten: Sinfonietta. Lyrita SRCS1111†
• Busoni: Piano Concerto. EMI ASD-2336/7
• Byrd: Mass for Four Voice and Motets. Harmonia Mundi HM 55212†
• Cage: Third Construction. New World/Classic NW-319*
• Chabrier: España!/Argenta. Decca/Speakers Corner SXL-2020*‡
• Copland: Appalachian Spring. Can. Broadcast SM-5000
• Copland: Rodeo. Mercury SR-90172
• Crumb: Makrokosmos I. Nonesuch H-71293
• Crumb: Music for a Summer Eve: Makrokosmos III. Nonesuch H-71311
• Dahl: Concerto a Tre/Tashi. RCA ARL1-4328†  
• Debussy: Iberia. Mercury SR-90010
• Debussy: Iberia/Reiner, CSO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2222*‡
• Debussy: Images (for piano)/Michelangeli. Deutsche Grammophon 250196†
• Debussy: The Sea/Munch, BSO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2111*†‡
• Delius: North Country Sketches/Groves. EMI ASD-3139*
• Dorati: Symphony. Mercury SR-90248
• Duruflé: Requiem. Epic BC-1256
• Dutilleux: Ainsi la nuit/Quartet Via Nova. Erato STU 71546†
• Dutilleux: Cello Concerto/Rostropovitch, Orchestre de Paris. EMI ASD-3145†
• Dutilleux: Figures de résonances (for two pianos). Erato STU 70810†
• Dvořák: Cello Concerto/Starker. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90303*‡
• Dvořák: Sextet in A major/Auryn Quartet, Altenburger, Demenga. TACET L196*†‡ 
• Dvořák: Symphony No. 8/Kertesz, LSO. Decca/Speakers Corner SXL-6044*†‡
• Dvořák: Symphony No. 8/Walter. CBS/Sony 20 AC 1822
• Elgar: Caratacus. EMI SLS-998*
• Elgar: Cello Concerto, Sea Pictures/Du Pre, Baker. EMI Testament AEMI 655‡
• Elgar: Coronation Ode. EMI ASD 3345
• Elgar: Engima Variations/Mehta, LA. London CS-6816
• Elgar: The Kingdom. EMI SAN 244-5
• Elgar: Symphony No. 2. EMI ASD-3266
• Faberman: The All Star Percussion Ensemble. Golden String/First Impression Music GS001†‡
• Fellegara: Serenata/Hamburg Chamber Soloists. Time S8006†
• Finzi: Dies Natalis. World Record Club SCM-50*
• Finzi: Intimations of Immortality. Lyrita SRCS-75
• Franck: Pièce héroïque. Mercury SR-90168
• Gerhard: Astrological Series/London Sinfonietta. Decca Head 11†
• Gerhard: Symphony No. 4. Argo ZRG-701
• Gershwin: Collected Works. Vox Box QSVBX-5132
• Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue/Wild, Fiedler. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2367*‡
• Gershwin: Second Rhapsody For Orchestra With Piano/Tilson Thomas. CBS Masterworks IM39699†
• Gould: Latin American Symphonette. Vanguard/Analogue Productions SRV-275 SD
• Grainger: Country Gardens. Mercury SR-90219
• Grainger: Lincolnshire Posy. Mercury SR-90173
• Grieg: Haugtussa and Poems by Wilhlem Krag/Andersen, Bratlie. Simax PS 1011*†
• Grieg: Peer Gynt/Fjeldstad. Decca/Speakers Corner SXL-2012*
• Grieg: Piano Concerto/Lupu, Previn. London/ORG 162-45 (45rpm)*‡
• Grieg: Piano Concerto/Rubinstein, Wallenstein. RCA LSC-2566
• Grieg: Violin and Piano Sonatas, Opp. 8, 13, 45/Tarak, Hancock. Bridge Records BDG 2003†
• Handel: Water Musick/McGegan. Harmonia Mundi France HMU 7010†
• Hanson: The Composer & His Orchestra. Mercury SR-90175*
• Hanson: Symphony No. 2. Mercury SR-90192
• Henze: The Emperor’s Nightingale/London Sinfonietta. L’Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 4†
• Hindemith: Mathis Der Maler/Steinberg, BSO. Deutsche Grammophon 2530 246†
• Holst: The Mystic Trumpeter/Armstrong, Atherton, LSO. Lyrita SRCS 128*†
• Holst: The Planets/Previn, LSO. EMI/Hi-Q AHIR 003‡
• Honneger: Pacific 231. EMI ASD-2989
• Howells: Hymnus Paradisi. EMI ASD-2600
• Janáček: Sinfonietta/Košler, Czech Phil. Denon/Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. (Japan) OX-7110-ND†
• Janáček: Sinfonietta/Szell, Cleveland. Columbia Masterworks MS 6815†
• Kabalevsky: The Comedians. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2398*‡
• Keats: String Quartet No. 2/Beaux-Arts Quartet. CRI 256†    
• Khachaturian: Gayaneh & Spartacus. Decca/ORG 168-45 (45rpm)‡
• Khachaturian: Symphony No. 2. London CS-6323
• Kodály: Háry János Suite. Mercury SR-90132*
• Leigh: Concertino/Harpsichord & Strings. Lyrita SRCS-126*
• Liszt: Mephisto Waltz/Reiner. RCA/Classic LSC-2341*
• Liszt: Nojima Plays Liszt. Reference Recordings RR-25†
• Lloyd: Symphony No. 5. Lyrita SRCS-124
• Lutoslawski: Orchestral Works/Lutoslawski, PRNSO. EMI Electrola 1C 165-03 231/36†
• Maconchy: Symphony Double String Orchestra. Lyrita SRCS-116
• Maderna: Serenata No. 2. Time S/8002†
• Mahler. Das Lied von der Erde/Bernstein, Fischer-Dieskau, King. London OS-26005†
• Mahler: Symphony No. 1/Slatkin. Telarc DG-10066
• Mahler: Symphony No. 3/Mehta. Decca/Analogue Productions AAPC 117‡
• Mahler: Symphony No. 5/Barbirolli, Baker, New Philharmonia. EMI SLS 785†
• Martin: Concerto for Seven Winds and Orchestra/Ansermet. London CS-6241†
• Massenet: Le Cid. EMI/Klavier AKLALE 522‡
• Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. EMI ASD-3377
• Messiaen: La Trans de Notre Sgnr. Jesus Christ. Decca Head 1 & 2
• Messiaen: Turangalîla Symphony. EMI SLS-5117
• Meyer: Violinkonzert/Oistrakh, Suitner, Staatskapelle Berlin. NOVA 8 85 057†
• Moeran: Symphony. EMI ASD-2913
• Mozart: Concerto for Two Pianos (K. 365). Nonesuch H-71028
• Mozart. Piano Concerto No. 15 & Symphony No. 36 /Bernstein. Decca/Speakers Corner 332†‡
• Mozart: Piano Concertos Nos. 21 & 24/Istomin, Schwarz. Reference Recordings RM-2506 (45 rpm)†‡
• Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante/Oistrakh, Kondrashin. Decca/Speakers Corner 6088†‡
• Mozart: Symphonies Nos. 40 & 41/Guilini. Decca/Speakers Corner SXL-6225†‡
• Mussorgsky/Ravel: Pictures/Reiner, CSO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2201‡
• Offenbach: Gaîté Parisienne/Fiedler, BSO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-1817*‡
• Orff: Carmina Burana/Stokowski, Houston. Capitol SPAR-8470*
• Partch: The Delusion of the Fury. Columbia M2-30576
• Penderecki: Sonata for Cello and Orchestra. Muza XW576 (mono)†
• Penderecki: String Trio/Janaki Trio. Yarlung 53964-376V*†‡
• Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore. Archiv 198166
• Prokofiev: Lt. Kije Suite/Reiner, CSO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2150*‡
• Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 2/Frager. RCA LSC-2465
• Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3/Janis. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90300‡
• Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet/Maazel. Decca SXL-6620-2
• Prokofiev: Symphony No. 6/Weller. Decca SXL-6777*
• Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No. 1/Ricci, Ansermet. Decca/Eclipse ECS-746
• Prokofiev: Violin Concerto No. 2/Heifetz. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2314‡
• Prokofiev: Violin Sonata No. 1/Salerno-Sonnenberg. MusicMasters MM-20022*†
• Rachmaninoff: The Bells. EMI ASD-3284
• Rachmaninoff: Paganini Variations/Rubinstein. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2430*‡
• Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 1. RCA/Classic LSC-2541
• Rachmaninoff: The Romantic Rachmaninoff. Reader’s Digest RDA-29
• Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances. Turnabout/Analogue Productions 34145-45 (45rpm)‡
• Rachmaninoff: Symphonic Dances/Oue. Reference Recordings RM-1504†‡
• Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 1. EMI ASD-3137
• Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2. EMI ASD-2889
• Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2/Slatkin, St. Louis. Reference Recordings RM-1002†
• Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 3. British RCA LSB-4090
• Rachmaninoff-Respighi: 5 Études-tableaux. EMI ASD-3013*
• Ravel: Collected Works. Vox Box QSVBX-5133
• Ravel: Concerto in G Major. Linn Recut 01
• Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé/Ansermet. Decca SXL-6204*
• Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé/Munch, BSO. Chesky RC-30
• Rawsthorne: Piano Concerto No. 1. Lyrita SRCS-101
• Respighi: Ancient Dances and Airs. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90199*‡
• Respighi: Brazilian Impressions. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90153‡
• Respighi: Pines of Rome/Reiner. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2436*‡
• Reubke: The 94th Psalm. Orion ORS-78282
• Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade. RCA/Classic/Analogue Productions LSC-2446*‡
• Rodrigo: Concierto Andaluz. Mercury SR-90488*
• Rodrigo: Concierto Aranjuez/Yepes, Argenta. London CS-6046*
• Rossini: I’Italiana in Algeri. Fone 016†
• Rózsa: Violin Concerto/Heifetz. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2767*†‡
• Saint-Saëns: Carnival of the Animals/Fremaux. EMI/Klavier 527*‡
• Saint-Saëns: Piano Concerto No. 2/Rubinstein. RCA LSC-2234*
• Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3/Dupre. Mercury SR-90012
• Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3/Fremaux. EMI TWO-404*
• Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3/Stern. Reference Recordings RM-1514 (45rpm)†‡
• Schmitt: Psalm 47. EMI ASD-2892
• Schnittke: Quasi una sonata/Kremer, Gavrilov. EMI 065-03766†
• Schoenberg: Serenade, Op. 24/Robert Craft. Columbia M2S 762*†
• Schubert: Death and the Maiden /Juilliard. RCA LSC-2378*
• Schubert: Winterreise/Saeden. Proprius SWE-1982†
• Schuman: Violin Concerto/Tilson-Thomas. Deutsche Grammophon 2530 103†  
• Seeger: String Quartet 1931/Amati Quartet. Columbia MS 6142*†
• Shapey: Variations/Maximilien. CRI SD 496 *†
• Shostakovich: Cello Concerto No. 1. EMI ASD-2924
• Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 2/Bernstein. Columbia/Impex LIMP6004*†‡
• Shostakovich: Preludes and Fugues. Richter. Philips/Speakers Corner 835 204 AY†‡
• Shostakovich: Symphony No. 1/Martinon. RCA/Classic LSC-2322
• Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7. EMI ASD-SLS-897
• Shostakovich: Symphony No. 8/Previn. EMI ASD-2917
• Shostakovich: Symphony No. 13. EMI/Alto ASD-3911*
• Sibelius: En Saga. EMI ASD-2486*
• Sibelius: Four Legends. EMI ASD-3092
• Sibelius: Symphony No. 2/Paray, Detroit. Mercury SR-90204*‡
• Sibelius: Symphony No. 5/Gibson. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2405‡
• Sibelius: The Tempest. EMI ASD-2961*
• Sibelius: Violin Concerto/Heifetz, Reiner. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2435‡
• Stockhausen: Spiral/Wach/Japan/Pole. EMI Electrola 1C 165-02 313/14†
• J. Strauss: Waltzes/Reiner, CSO. RCA LSC-2500*
• R. Strauss: Also Sprach Zarathustra/Reiner. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-1806*‡
• R. Strauss: Don Quixote/Kempe, Berlin. EMI Testament 326†‡
• R. Strauss/Dvořák: Romantic Music For Violin and Piano/Steinhardt, Mayorga. Sheffield Lab 18*†
• Stravinsky: Ballets/Ansermet. London CSA-2308
• Stravinsky: Ebony Concerto. Reference Recordings RR-55*
• Stravinsky: Firebird Suite/Stokowski, Berlin. Capitol SP-8407
• Stravinsky: Petrouchka (solo piano). Wilson W-8313*
• Stravinsky: Petrouchka/Ansermet. London CS-6009
• Stravinsky: Pulcinella/Marriner. Argo ZRG575†
• Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring/Muti, Philadelphia. EMI ASD 3807/MoFi MFSL 1-519†‡
• Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring/Solti, CSO. Decca SXL-6691‡
• Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring (solo piano)/Atamian. RCA ARC1-3636†
• Sullivan-Mackerras: Pineapple Poll. EMI/Hi-Q 001‡
• Szymanowski: Violin Concerto No. 2/Szeryng. Philips 6500 421†
• Takemitsu: Garden Rain/Elgar Howarth. Decca Head 14†  
• Tchaikovksy: Manfred/Previn. Alto/EMI ASD-3018*
• Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker/Previn, LSO. EMI SLS-832
• Tchaikovsky/Nielsen: Souvenir Parts I & II. Trondheim Soloists. 2L*†‡
• Thomson: The Plow That Broke the Plains. Analogue/Vanguard AP001
• Tippett: Concerto For Orchestra/Davis, LSO. Philips 412 378-1†
• Toch: Symphony No. 3. Capitol SP-8364
• Vaughan Williams: Choral Music. EMI SLS-5082
• Vaughan Williams: Job. EMI ASD-2673
• Vaughan Williams: The Nine Symphonies. EMI SLS-822
• Vaughan Williams: Sancta Civitas. EMI ASD-2422
• Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 5, The Wasps Overture/Previn. RCA SB-6856†
• Villa-Lobos: String Quartet No. 17/Brazilian Quartet. Odyssey 32160175†  
• Vivaldi: Lute Concertos & Trios. Hungaroton SLPX-11978*
• Walton: Cello Concerto/Piatigorsky, Munch, BSO. RCA LSC-2109*†
• Walton: Crown Imperial/Fennell, Eastman. Mercury SR-90197
• Walton: Five Bagatelles/Artzt. Meridian E77037*†
• Webern: Five Movements for String Quartet, Op. 5/LaSalle. Muza XL/SXL 0282*†
• Grace Williams: Fantasy/Welsh Nursery Tunes. EMI ASD-3006*
• Wiren: Serenade for Strings EMI ESD-7001


• Berg: Wozzeck/Boulez, Paris National Opera. Columbia 32 21 0002†
• Bizet: Carmen/Bernstein, et al. Deutsche Grammophon/Speakers Corner 2709 043‡
• Brecht/Weill: Threepenny Opera/New York Shakespeare Festival. Columbia 34326†
• Britten: Billy Budd/Britten, Pears. London OSA-1390†
• Britten: Noye’s Fludde. Argo ZK-1
• Britten: Peter Grimes/Britten, Pears, ROHO. Decca SXL 2150-2†
French & Italian Opera Arias/Freni, Votto. EMI/Angel 34045†
• Menotti: Amahl & the Night Visitors. RCA LSC-2762‡
• Mussorgsky: Boris Godunov/Ghiaurov, Karajan. Decca SET-514/7
• Puccini: La Bohème/Pavarotti, Freni, Karajan. Decca SET-565/6
• Puccini: Tosca/Price, Karajan. RCA LDS-7022
• Puccini: Turandot/Sutherland, Pavarotti, Mehta. Decca SET 561-3
• R. Strauss: Elektra/Nilsson, Solti. Decca/Speakers Corner 354/5*†‡
• R. Strauss: Salome/Nilsson, Solti. Decca 228/9*†
• Verdi: Aida/Tebaldi, Karajan. London OSA-1313
• Verdi: Macbeth/Abbado, Verrett, Domingo. Deutsche Gramm 2709 062†
• Wagner: Götterdämmerung. London OSA-1604
• Wagner: Parsifal/Knappertsbusch. Philips/Speakers Corner 835 220/24 AY*†‡
• Wagner: Das Rheingold. London OSA-1309
• Weill: Threepenny Opera Suite/Chicago Pro Musica. Reference Recordings RR-29†


SPECIAL MERIT: Collections

Ballet for Band. Mercury SR-90256 
The Christmas Revels/Langstaff. Revels Records RC 1078†
Concertos from Spain/Alicia de Larrocha. London CS-6990†
Dances on Movable Ground. Ciaramella Ensemble. Yarlung 09261819V†
Danses Anciennes de Hongrie. Harmonia Mundi HM-1003
Delmoni Plays Bach, Ysaÿe, Kreisler. Water Lily Acoustics WLA WS-07†
Evensong for Ash Wednesday. Argo ZRG-5365
Exotic Dances from the Opera/Oue. Reference Recordings RR-1505†‡
Festival/Reiner, CSO. RCA/Classic/Analogue Productions LSC-2423*‡ 
La Fête de l’Ane. Harmonia Mundi HM-1036
Fiesta in Hi-Fi/Hanson. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90134‡
For My True Love/Terri, Almeida. Capitol SP-8461
In Formation/Kronos Quartet. Reference Recordings RR-9
Laudate II: Baroque Music from the Düben Collection. Proprius PROP 7860†
Magnum Opus. Wilson W-8111
The Moscow Sessions. Sheffield TLP-1000
Musique de la Grèce Antique. Harmonia Mundi HM-1015
New Music for Violin and Piano. Zukofsky, Kalish. Mainstream MS/5016*†
Overtures Fantasies. Mercury SR-90191
Percussion Music. Nonesuch H-71291
The Power of the Orchestra/RCO. RCA/Analogue Productions 2659-45 (45rpm)‡
André Previn’s Music Night. EMI ASD-3131
The Reiner Sound. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2183*†‡ 
Rhapsodies/Stokowski. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2471*†‡
The Royal Ballet Gala Performances/Ansermet. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-6065*‡
Sing We Noel: Christmas Music. Nonesuch H-71354
La Spagna. BIS 163/164/AudioNautes 1401‡
Venice/Solti, ROHO. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2313*†‡
Vienna: 1908-1914. Mercury SR-90316 
Wagner for Band. Mercury/Speakers Corner SR-90276‡
Witches’ Brew/Gibson, NSOL. RCA/Analogue Productions LSC-2225‡


• 10,000 Maniacs: In My Tribe. Elektra/Mobile Fidelity MOFI 1-013†‡
• Gene Ammons: Boss Tenor. Prestige/Analogue Productions 7180†‡
• Tori Amos: Under the Pink. Atlantic R1-82567†
• Areski Et Brigitte Fontaine: Je Ne Connais Pas Cet Homme. Saravah SH 10041†
Chet Atkins in Hollywood. RCA/Classic Records LSP-1993Q‡
• Chet Atkins: Caribbean Guitar. RCA LSP-2549
The Other Chet Atkins. RCA LSP-2175
• Joan Baez: Diamonds & Rust. Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-238‡
• Joan Baez: Farewell Angelina. Vanguard VSD 79200
• Joan Baez: In Concert. Vanguard VSD 2122
• Count Basie: 88 Basie Street. Pablo/Analogue Productions 2310-901 (45rpm)*†‡
• Count Basie: Live at the Sands (Before Frank). Warner Bros./Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-401†‡
• The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds. Analogue Productions 067 (mono)†‡
• The Beach Boys: Surfer Girl. Capitol ST 1981/Analogue Productions 060†‡
• The Beatles: The Beatles in Mono. Capitol Records LDB0914 (mono)†‡
• Beck: Sea Change. Geffen Records/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-308†
• Harry Belafonte: Belafonte Sings the Blues. RCA/Impex AIMX 6012-45 (45rpm)‡
• Harry Belafonte: The Many Moods of Belafonte. RCA/Impex 6017-45 (45rpm)†‡
Ben and Sweets/Webster, Edison. Columbia/ORG 117-45 (45rpm) †‡
• Tony Bennett: I Left My Heart in San Francisco. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-358†‡
Blood, Sweat & Tears. ORG 133 2 (45rpm)†‡
Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular. RCA LSP-1773 (Also Classic Records)
• David Bowie: Earthling. ISO/Columbia/Friday Music FRM-42627†‡
• David Bowie: Let’s Dance. EMI America SO 517093†‡
• David Bowie: Tonight. EMI America SJ-17138†‡
• Dave Brubeck: Time Out. Columbia/Analogue Productions 8192-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Buena Vista Social Club: Lost and Found. World Circuit WC V090*†‡
• Kenny Burrell: Midnight Blue. Blue Note/Analogue Productions 84123†‡
• Peter Case: Peter Case. Geffen Records GHS 24105† 
• Johnny Cash: American Recordings I–VI. American Recordings 81157†‡
• Tracy Chapman: Tracy Chapman. Elektra 960 774-1†
Ray Charles and Betty Carter. ABC Paramount/Analogue Productions 385†‡
The Civil War (Vol. 1). Mercury LPSD-2-901 90173
• Leonard Cohen: Live in London. Sony/Music On Vinyl MOVLP1013†
• Leonard Cohen: Popular Problems. Columbia 50142†‡
• Leonard Cohen: Songs from the Road. Columbia 1121†‡
• Holly Cole: Temptation. Blue Note JP5003†‡
• Nat King Cole: Love Is the Thing. Capitol/Analogue Productions 824 (45rpm)†‡
• Nat King Cole: The Nat King Cole Story. Capitol/Analogue Productions 1613 (45rpm) †‡
• Judy Collins: Judith. Elektra 6E-111
• John Coltrane: Blue Train. Blue Note/Analogue Productions 81577 (45rpm)†‡
• John Coltrane: A Love Supreme. Impulse/Analogue Productions AIPJ 77 (45rpm)†‡
• Ry Cooder: Bop Till You Drop. Warner BSK 3358†
• Sam Cooke: Night Beat. RCA/Analogue Productions LSP-2709 (45rpm)†‡
• Elvis Costello: My Aim Is True. Stiff Records SEEZ 3†
• David Crosby: If I Could Only Remember My Name. Atlantic 7203‡
Dafos. Reference Recordings RR-12
• Miles Davis: Kind of Blue. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity MFSL-2-45011 (45rpm)*†‡
• Miles Davis: Miles in the Sky. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-437 (45rpm) †‡
• Miles Davis-Evans: Sketches of Spain. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity 1375‡
• Jim Dawson: Songman. Kama Sutra KSBS-2035
• Doris Day: Hooray for Hollywood. Columbia C2L 5†
• Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms. MSFL-441 (45rpm)†‡
• Dire Straits: Love Over Gold. Warner AWAR 47772†‡
• The Doors: L.A. Woman. Elektra/Analogue Productions 75011-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Eagles: Desperado. Elektra AELE 61664‡
Electric Love. Mercury Limelight LS-86072
• Duke Ellington: Duke’s Big 4. Pablo/Analogue Productions 2310 703†
• Duke Ellington: Masterpieces by Ellington. Columbia/Analogue Productions 4418 (mono)*†‡ 
• Bill Evans/Jim Hall: Undercurrent. Capitol/Mobile Fidelity MOFI 1-031†‡
• Eileen Farrell: Torch Songs. Reference Recordings RR-34*†‡
• Ella Fitzgerald: Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! Verve/Analog Productions 4052-45 (45rpm)*†‡
• Ella Fitzgerald: Ella and Louis. Verve/Analogue Productions 4003-45 (45rpm mono)*†‡
• Ella Fitzgerald: Sings Songs from Let No Man Write My Epitaph. Verve/Analogue Productions 4043-45 (45rpm)*†‡
• Ella Fitzgerald: Take Love Easy. Pablo 2310 702†
• El Vy: Return to the Moon. 4AD CAD 3530†‡
• Enya: Enya. Atlantic 81842-1
• Donald Fagen: Sunken Condos. Reprise 532287†‡
• Victor Feldman: Secret of the Andes. Nautilus NR50†
• Fleetwood Mac: Rumours. Warner/Analogue Productions 517787†‡
• Peter Gabriel: So. Geffen Records GHS 24088/Real World RWD 800014†‡
• Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill. Verve/ORG 161 (45rpm)*†‡
• Art Garfunkel: Breakaway. CBS/Sony 25AP 1373
• Saul Goodman: Mallets, Melody & Mayhem. Columbia CS-8333†
• Ed Graham: Hot Stix. M & K Realtime RT-106
• The Great Jazz Trio: Direct From LA. East Wind EW 10005†
• Jon Hendricks: Fast Livin’ Blues. Columbia/ORG 121-45 (45rpm)†‡
• John Hiatt: Bring the Family. A&M Records 395 158-1/Music On Vinyl MOV 786†‡
• Earl “Fatha” Hines: Fatha! M & K Realtime RT-105
• Lightnin’ Hopkins: Going Away. Bluesville/Analogue Productions1073
• Janis Ian: Breaking Silence. Columbia/Analogue Productions 027†‡
• Ian and Sylvia: Northern Journey. Vanguard/Impex 79154†‡
• INXS: Listen Like Thieves. Mobile Fidelity MOFI 1-041†‡
• Chris Isaak: Heart Shaped World. Reprise 258371†
• Harry James: The King James Version. Sheffield Lab 3†
• Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygène. Polydor 2473-10
Jazz at the Pawnshop. Proprius 7778†‡
• Norah Jones: Come Away with Me. Analogue Productions 042†‡
• Rickie Lee Jones: It’s Like This. Analogue Productions AAP 51056†‡
• Rickie Lee Jones: Rickie Lee Jones. Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-45010 (45rpm)†‡
• Jacintha: Autumn Leaves. Groove Note 1006-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Janis Joplin: I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again, Mama. Columbia 78221†‡
• Sara K: Water Falls. Stockfisch SFR 8011†‡  
• Bruce Katz: Crescent Crawl. AudioQuest AQ-1012*
• Ali Akbar Khan: Indian Architecture. Water Lily WLA-ES-20
• Ali Akbar Khan: Music of India, Morning and Evening Ragas. His Masters Voice ALPC2 (mono)†
• Carol Kidd: Carol Kidd. Aloi AKH003/Linn Records AKH 297†
Klaatu. EMI EST-11542
• Kraftwerk: Autobahn. Parlophone/Astralwerks AASW 66014‡
• Diana Krall: All for You. ORG 006-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Diana Krall: From This Moment On. Verve B0007323-01*†
• Alison Krauss+Union Station: Live. Rounder/Mobile Fidelity MFSL-3-281†‡
• The L.A. 4: Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte. East Wind EW-10003†
• Gordon Lightfoot: Summer Side of Life. Reprise MS-2037
• Julie London: Julie Is Her Name. Liberty/Boxstar Records LRP3006†
• Shelby Lynne: Just a Little Lovin’. Lost Highway/Analogue Productions 041†‡
• Antonio Lysy: Antonio Lysy at the Broad. Yarlung 95968-517V†‡
• Dean Martin: This Time I’m Swinging. Capitol/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-410†‡
• Mannheim Steamroller: Fresh Aire II. American Gramaphone 359
• Mannheim Steamroller: Fresh Aire III. American Gramaphone 365
• Bob Marley & The Wailers: Natty Dread. Island AISL 60066‡
• Hugh Masakela: Hope. Sheridan Square Records/Analogue Productions 82020 (45rpm)†‡
• Christian McBride & Inside Straight: Kind of Brown. Mack Avenue 1047LP†‡
• Amanda McBroom: Growing Up in Hollywood Town. Sheffield Lab-13
• Sarah McLachlan: The Freedom Sessions. Arista 18784-2†
• Sarah McLachlan. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy. Arista 18725-2†
• Metallica: Metallica (Black Album). Warner 511831-1 (45rpm)†
• Charles Mingus: Mingus Ah-Um. Columbia/ORG 130 (45rpm)†
• Joni Mitchell: Blue. Reprise/Rhino 74842*‡
• Joni Mitchell: Court & Spark. Asylum/Elektra1001‡
• Joni Mitchell: Hejira. Asylum/Elektra 1087†‡
• Joni Mitchell: Wild Things Run Fast. Geffen/ORG 056 (45rpm)‡
• Lee Morgan: The Sidewinder. Blue Note/Analogue Productions 84157†‡
• Oliver Nelson: The Blues and the Abstract Truth. Impulse/Analogue Productions AIPJ 5 (45rpm)*†‡
• Ferit Odman: Dameronia with Strings. Equinox EMLP0002†‡
• The O-Zone Percussion Group: The Percussion Record. ClearAudio 83058†‡
• Van Dyke Parks: Song Cycle. Warner Bros. 1727
• Art Pepper: Meets the Rhythm Section. Contemporary/OJC 338†‡
Peter, Paul & Mary. Warner Bros. 1449
• Oscar Peterson: We Get Requests. Verve/Analogue Productions 8606 (45rpm)†‡
• Cyndee Peters: Black Is the Color. Opus 3 Records 77-06†
• Madeleine Peyroux: Careless Love. Rounder/MFSL 37043†‡
Pig’s Eye Jazz (Vol. II). Insight Records Vol. 2
• Pink Floyd: The Wall. EMI-4814†‡
• Elvis Presley: Elvis is Back! RCA/Analogue Productions 2231 (45rpm)†‡
Professor Johnson’s Astounding Sound Show. Reference Recordings RR-7*
• Lou Reed: Rock n Roll Animal. RCA/Music On Vinyl 529†‡
Reflections. Reference Recordings RR-18*
• Renaissance: Novella Sire. SA-2576
• Sonny Rollins: Way Out West. Fantasy/Analogue Productions 7530†
• Rough Trade: Avoid Freud. True North TN-43
• Rough Trade: For Those Who Think Young. True North TN-48
• Rough Trade: Shaking the Foundations. True North TN-50
• Salt City Six: Dixieland. Audiophile AP-80
• Cecile McLorin Salvant: Woman Child. Mack Avenue MAC 1072†‡
Santana. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-45012 (45rpm)†‡
• Seals & Crofts: Greatest Hits. Warner Bros. BS-2886
The Sheffield Drum Record. Sheffield Lab-14*
• Paul Simon: Graceland. Sony Legacy 8869191472*†‡
• Frank Sinatra: Only the Lonely. Capitol/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-326 (mono)*†
• Frank Sinatra: Sinatra at the Sands. Reprise/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 2-332*†
• Jimmy Smith: Midnight Special. Blue Note/Analogue Productions 84078†‡
Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet/Wicks, Boyle, et al. Yarlung YAR09272-004V1†‡
• Simon Spillett: Square One. Gearbox Records GB1512†
• Dusty Springfield: Dusty in Memphis. Atlantic/Analogue Productions 8214-45 (45rpm)†‡  
Star of Wonder. Reference Recordings RR-21*‡
• Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman. A&M/Analogue Productions 9135 (45rpm)*‡
• Cat Stevens: Teaser and the Firecat. Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-244†‡
The Strayaway Child. Song of the Wood 7811
• Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden. Parlophone PCSD 105, 74 6977 1†
• James Taylor: Dad Loves His Work. Columbia/Mobile Fidelity MFSL 1-356†‡
• Masahiko Togashi: Rings. East Wind EW-9001-2†
• Sarah Vaughan: Gershwin Live!/Thomas, LA Phil. CBS 37277†
• Stevie Ray Vaughan: Couldn’t Stand the Weather. Epic/Pure Pleasure Records 39304†‡
• Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat. Porch Light/Impex IMP6021†‡
• Jennifer Warnes: The Hunter. Private/Impex IMP6007 (45rpm)†‡
• Jennifer Warnes: The Well. Impex IMP6001-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Dionne Warwick: Soulful. Scepter SPS-573
• Muddy Waters: Folk Singer. Analogue Productions 1843-45 (45rpm)*†‡
• Roger Waters: Amused to Death. Columbia Legacy/Analogue Productions 468761†‡
The Wilson Band Recordings. Wilson W-8823/24*


• A-ha: Take On Me. British Warner Brothers W-9006
• Louis Armstrong: St. James Infirmary. Audio Fidelity (45rpm)†
• David Bowie: Let’s Dance. EMI-America SQ-17093†
• China Crisis: In a Catholic Style. British Virgin VS-765112
• Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Relax. British Virgin/ZTT-1ZZTAS1
• Freeez: I.O.U. Streetwise SWRL-2210
• Bill Henderson: Send in the Clowns. Classic Records/Jazz Planet 0779-33/45C (45rpm)‡
• Human League: Don’t You Want Me. British Virgin 466-12B
• Greg Kihn Band: Jeopardy. Beserkley 0-67932
• Propaganda: Machinery. British Virgin/ZTT 12xZ TAS 12
• Lionel Richie: All Night Long. Motown 4514-MG
• Gerry Woo: Help Yourself. Polydor 887-529-1
• Yaz: Don’t Go. Mute Yaz-001
• Yello: Lost Again. Elektra 966790
• Yello & Shirley Bassey: The Rhythm Divine. Mercury 888-746-1

SPECIAL MERIT: Film and Broadway Score

• Bernstein: West Side Story. Columbia/Analog Spark OS 2001/79301836801-8 2*†‡
• Bliss: Things to Come. EMI ASD-3416*
The Flight of the Condor. BBC Records REB-440
• Herrmann: Citizen Kane. British RCA GL-43441
• Herrmann: The Fantasy Film World. Decca PFS-4309
• Herrmann: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Filmmusic Collection FMC-4*
• Herrmann: The Three Worlds of Gulliver. Decca PFS-4337
• Homrich/Gascoigne: The Emerald Forest. Varese Sarabande STV-81244
• Horner: Glory. Virgin 1-91329
• Jarre: The Professionals. Colgems COSO-5001
• Kern: Show Boat/McGlinn, Von Stade, Stratas. EMI†
Lost Highway. Nothing/Interscope Records SVLP 0119†
• Mancini: Hatari! RCA/Analogue Productions LSP-2559‡
• Mancini: The Pink Panther. RCA/Analogue Productions LSP-2795-45 (45rpm)†‡
• Moroder: Cat People. Backstreet BSR-6107
• Myrow/Seagrave: Phantasm. Varese VC-81105
• Nitzsche: The Hot Spot. Antilles/Analogue Productions 8755 (45rpm)†‡
O Brother, Where Art Thou? Lost Highway 619101†‡
• Prokofiev: Ivan the Terrible. EMI SLS-5110
• Rózsa: Ben Hur. Decca PFS-4394
• Rózsa: Quo Vadis. Decca PFS-4430
• Sondheim: Pacific Overtures. RCA ARL-1-1367
• Sondheim: Sweeney Todd. RCA CBL2-3379
• Tiomkin: Lost Horizons. British RCA GL-43445
• Tiomkin: The Thing. British RCA RL-42005
• Vangelis: Antarctica. Japanese Polydor 2MM-0290

† New entries on list
‡ Still in print
* Exceptionally natural and musical sound

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