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Spearheading in Musical Delight – The New Rezonator From Ansuz Acoustics

The following is a press release issued by Ansuz Acoustics.

December 2020 – The Rezonator is Ansuz Acoustics’ latest launch in the field of resonance control and reflects the result of their unwavering quest for pushing the boundaries of active resonance control.

The Rezonator is a flexible and removable audio device that can be placed on any component of your audio system to find out where it best enhances your individual experience of music. The adjustable degree of control is highly effective because sound is basically the movement of air caused by both pulsation and vibration of a material. The quality of the sound is determined by the resonance of the given material. Therefore, a certain degree of resonance control can amazingly boost your musical delight.

The Rezonator consists of a rod that rests on two Ansuz Darkz feet. These three elements are all made of solid titanium. The inherent properties of this material allow a selective influence on controlling the acoustic resonance.

The Rezonator comes in two versions: the T2 Supreme and the T2. The T2 Supreme consists of glass-blasted titanium with a finish of an acoustic-optimizing coating of zirconium, tungsten and aluminum titanium nitride. The T2 is the junior version and is made of titanium with a glass-blasted finish. Both versions of the Ansuz Rezonator offer a new level of adjustable resonance control. In the strive for optimizing your individual musical delight, the adjustable resonance control plays a major role and can make a tremendous difference in how you experience the quality of your music.

For more information, visit www.ansuz-acoustics.com/products/ansuz-rezonator and ask your local dealer for a demo.


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