Simaudio Ltd. Is Pleased To Announce a Change of Ownership

Simaudio Ltd. Is Pleased To Announce a Change of Ownership

September 20, 2013 - Simaudio Ltd. is pleased to announce a change of ownership. For nearly two decades Jean Poulin has been owner and chief executive. Under his leadership, the MOON brand developed into a high-end audio “tour de force” with a world-class reputation for performance, build quality, service and reliability. Poulin successfully guided the organic growth of the company from a basic 3,000 sq. ft. facility to a 46,000 sq. ft. vertically integrated operation where all aspects of this manufacturing company occur on a day-to-day basis. Today MOON products are distributed in nearly 50 countries. 

The new ownership group is three individuals that Mr. Poulin has, without reservation, come to trust over a period of many years: 

Costa Koulisakis, with 24 years of industry experience, the last 13 at Simaudio, he has played a vital role in builidng both sales growth and customer loyalty. 

Thierry Dufour, our chief engineer for almost 20 years, is the person behind many of our award winning innovative designs that have stood the test of time. 

Louis Lemire, the newest member of our team, is also a talented engineer with a strong business acumen. 

Commenting on the transfer of ownership, Mr. Poulin stated “I have been fortunate to have employees who have not only played a pivotal role in Simaudio's success, but have also adopted the same guiding philosophies and business ethics that I have held so dear over the years. It is these employees who will take over where I will leave off, to continue to grow Simaudio and the MOON brand leading the way into the future. I am proud of all that we have accomplished, and equally proud in the legacy and exciting opportunity I pass on to them.” 

Under the new leadership, the plan is to keep the company’s direction true to Mr. Poulin’s vision: To reproduce music with all its emotion and fidelity as intended by the musician(s) who wrote it, while respecting the other hallmarks which have made the MOON brand so successful. In a statement to our valued sales and distribution network he stated “Most of all, I hope that you will all embrace this change positively, it is after all, your commitment and dedication to us that has propelled Simaudio to the forefront position it maintains today.” Koulisakis adds: “On behalf of the new Simaudio management team, I want to thank Jean Poulin for this extraordinary opportunity to carry forward the company mission. Our commitment to excellence will not waver. As has always been the case, MOON products will continue to be engineered and manufactured in-house, in Quebec (Canada), to the same high standards of production and environmental awareness.” 

Jean Poulin will stay on as both a consultant and an ambassador, watching Simaudio flourish under its new leadership.