Siltech Announces Two New Network Cables

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Siltech Announces Two New Network Cables

The following is a press release issued by Siltech.

Elst, Netherlands, September 2020 - Siltech has been a pioneering force in the high-end audio industry for nearly four decades because we've always followed our path rather than following others. It's this mentality that's helped us create many groundbreaking products over the years.

It should be no surprise, therefore, to learn that Siltech's engineers took a unique approach when designing two new network cables.

Siltech's New Network Cables Work Smarter
Many manufacturers focus on data rate and making their cables as 'fast' as possible – without appreciating that audio data does not need to be lightning fast. Much more important is the consistency of the transfer rate and the integrity of the data transferred.

For all digital cables, transmission accuracy depends on the cable topology, materials, and termination. Poor impedance matching or geometrical inconsistency causes reflections and echoes in the data stream, while crystal boundaries or grain in the conductors causes micro-distortions. Any imperfection impacts the accuracy of the critical clocking and amplitude information. It's also easy to overlook that higher frequency signals are more vulnerable to outside interference.

Siltech's new network cables benefit from our use of superior materials, specialist construction techniques, and top-quality shielding and insulation. Our proprietary G9 silver-gold was chosen for the Classic Network cable's conductors, while our S8 mono X-tal silver was selected for the Royal Signature Network Crown model. Individually shielded pairs and Teflon by Dupont® insulation prevent external interference corrupting your delicate digital signals on both cables. For an optimal signal transfer, each cable also features robust, impedance-matched RJ-45 connectors.

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