Pro-Ject Releases MaiADS

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Pro-Ject Releases MaiADS

The following is a press release issued by Pro-Ject.

June 22, 2015 - Pro-Ject Box Design components were a revolution for the global hi-fi market. They started the trend to-wards small but high-performance products in the entire Hi-Fi business.

Heinz Lichtenegger, President of Pro-Ject Audio Systems, explains:

“Today the modern customer does not understand the need for big boxes with a lot of air inside. With modern digital technology and SMD circuit boards, you can minimise the size of outer casing without loos-ing performance quality. On the other hand big boxes make products unnecessarily expensive. It is our very strong believe that in some years there will be only a few or no standard 44cm products below the 1,000 Euro price barrier. Heavy and big 44cm components will always be a part of the high-end business, but normal music lovers will be more interested in products which are compact and powerful.“

The MaiA DS is our new proposal for such customers. It provides everything what the modern listener needs.

  • Phono connectivity
  • 3 Analog line inputs
  • 3 Digital inputs
  • USB input
  • Bluetooth input
  • Plus all popular outputs to make it flexible
  • Headphone output
  • Fixed output for recording or second zone
  • Variable output for a subwoofer

MaiA DS´s technical components are designed to satisfy the audiofile´s demands too:

  • 2x 55 W in a double-mono-design amp with tube-like sound
  • 24bit / 192kHz high resolution audio with a double high-end TI 1796 DAC configuration
  • DSD Playback capability
  • USB XMOS asynchronous USB Aptx 4 th generation Bluetooth
  • MM / MC phonostage
  • Massive, resonance-free housing
  • Heavy-duty, gold-plated connectors

Heinz Lichtenegger illustrates:

”We see that people like to control music with an app. The industry offers many streamers where you can control your music content very conveniently. But for your hi-fi amp or CD player or TV, you need again standard remotes or you have to buy a very expensive control system. With our uniqe Box Control IT app it is possible to control standard analogue IR products without the need of a WiFi connection!“

The MaiA DS uses Box Control IT technology as a built-in feature: a new standard for elegant and simple control of your hi-fi system, which does not require a WiFi connection !!!!!

The app allows you to control the unit itself as well as our Stream Boxes, CD Boxes and other IR components like TVs and satellite receivers.

All Pro-Ject Box Design components are pre-programmed. Other IR products can be integrated easily.

To make the app simple to use, you will only see the control screen of the product selected to control. Most prgrammable remotes show you a bunch of controls for products that you will never use. ´Select´ screens are used to specify, which units are within your system and only these will be displayed on your smartphone or tablet.

MaiA DS and the Pro-Ject product family offers the possibility to compose a high-performance, compact audiophile stereo system which is very flexible in its use of sources provides an elegant control via Box Control IT app.

Matching components
Many companies are offering small and powerful integrated amps, but only Pro-Ject offers the possibility to create individual hifi stereo systems in matching size and colour.

MaiA DS can be upgraded with a separate linear power supply that will almost double the dynamic per-formance power and improves the sound significantly in terms of punch and clarity. Power Box MaiA DS additionally offers convenient power wiring for customers who decide to have multiple Pro-Ject components in a system. Up to five products from the Pro-Ject family, including a turntable (DC-only prod-ucts) can be connected simultaneously.

SRP € 799,00

Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by Heinz Lichtenegger 1990 in Vienna, with the idea that analogue playback is the most cost-effective way to listen to music of audiophile quality.

Inspired by the concept of supporting analogue in the face of the digital onslaught, Pro-Ject Au-dio Systems became one of the most powerful driving forces in reinventing analogue turntables for the hi-fi market. Today, Pro-Ject Audio Systems is the world leader in the manufacture of quality hi-fi turntables, as turntables are once again accepted as a must-have for every con-cerned music lover. Pro-Ject products are exported to almost 80 countries worldwide and is the recipient of nearly every award in the audio industry. Pro-Ject produces more than 15 different models to satisfy any taste, wish or requirement of the customer.