Pass Labs Moves to New, Larger Factory; Increased Efficiencies Across the Board

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Pass Labs Moves to New, Larger Factory; Increased Efficiencies Across the Board

Auburn, CA, April 15, 2014 — Pass Laboratories, Inc. has centralized all its operations in a brand new factory offering significantly increased space and productivity.

Located just a few miles from their long-time Foresthill, CA facilities, the new building is almost three times the amount of their former space. Among the many benefits of the location are: A more efficient layout for increased production flow; increased storage that enables Pass Labs to buy parts in larger quantities; closer proximity to transport that means faster shipping.

“Demand for our line has been steadily increasing,” said Pass Labs president Desmond Harrington. “And with the introduction of the 10 models in the new Point 8 series at the last CES, we desperately needed to increase our output capabilities across the board. The new, larger facility enables that, as well as many additional advantages — translating to benefits for our distributors, dealers and customers.”

Pass Laboratories was founded in 1991 by Nelson Pass.  Operating out of his workshop at home, Pass developed prototypes of a single-ended Class A amplifier design that became the legendary the Aleph 0.  At the same time, he constructed an in-house machine shop with three home-built CNC milling machines with which to produce the amplifiers when the design was finished.

By 1995 the company had outgrown Nelson’s expanded workshop, and manufacturing was begun in a new facility, retaining Nelson’s original workshop for research. Within two years that space was outgrown, and operations shifted to a new building in Foresthill, CA.  Additional nearby space has been continually leased to handle the company’s expanding needs.

Now, all operations are united under one roof.