New York Audio Show 2014

Hi-Fi in the Big Apple

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New York Audio Show 2014

The 2014 New York Audio Show, kicking off on September 26–28, has found new digs at the Marriott on the Brooklyn Bridge hotel, which should prove to be a beautiful venue, if not an all-around magnet for the nation’s largest market for hi-fi. Just a stone’s throw across the East River from Manhattan, the Marriott is undoubtedly located in the coolest area of any high-end show in the States.

Chester Group, the organizer behind the 2014 New York Audio Show, continues to expand its offerings across the globe, and now hosts high-end-audio shows in Montréal, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Northamptonshire (in the U.K.), and even Jersey in the Channel Islands. I was fortunate enough to attend this year’s Montréal Audio Show, formerly Salon Son et Image, and Chester Group did a fantastic job of attracting a diverse crowd, both young and old, male and female. If Chester Group can duplicate its success in Montréal, this show should not only satisfy veteran audiophiles, but also introduce droves of neophytes to the joys of high-end audio.

With 70 (and counting) exhibitors representing over 130 brands, the 2014 New York Audio Show is big without being overwhelming. Even though gigantic shows can be fun at times, they often prove difficult to navigate, and one is left staring at a list of passed-over exhibitors, wishing there had been time enough to see everything.

If you live on the East Coast—or if you need a good excuse to travel to New York City—make sure to block off September 26–28 to attend the 2014 New York Audio Show. It’s a perfect way to explore your love for high-end audio while also exploring Brooklyn and Manhattan.