New FREE Online Guide to High-End Electronics from The Absolute Sound

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New FREE Online Guide to High-End Electronics from The Absolute Sound

September 9, 2013,  Austin, Texas - The Absolute Sound (TAS) introduces its new Guide to High-End ElectronicsThe Absolute Sound Guide to High-End Electronics is an engaging online buyer’s guide that features some of the best coverage of high-end electronics from TAS during the past year, as well as a host of new content created expressly for this outstanding Buyer’s Guide. 

This online Buyer’s Guide includes:

·       Our Top Picks: Find out what our staff thinks are the top products in high-end audio electronics, including integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers, and preamplifiers
·       Review Premiers: Several upcoming reviews in TAS will make their debuts in this Guide
·       On The Horizon: 16 high-end electronics products of merit about to be introduced
·       Headphone Amplifiers: Review summaries of a dozen of the top headphone amplifiers
·       Feature: Robert Harley on “How to Choose a Power Amplifier”
·       29 Full Reviews: Expert reviews of some of the best electronics in TAS during the past year
·       Editors’ Choice: A special compilation of our most recent TAS Editor’s Choice selections of electronics

Free access to this new Guide is made possible through the sponsorships of Wyred 4 Sound and Sony. It is made available on website.

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