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Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway: City of Gold

City of Gold
Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway: City of Gold
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Molly Tuttle is the closest thing you’ll find to bluegrass royalty. Her father, Jack Tuttle, probably taught more folks how to play bluegrass through his instructional books than anyone on earth. Molly had a great teacher, started at an early age, and has blossomed into one of the best flatpicking guitarists around. Her last album, Crooked Tree, garnered a Grammy. Her latest album, City of Gold, displays not only her superb guitar chops, but also her singing, songwriting, producing, and the virtuosity of her band, Golden Highway. Molly isn’t merely a home-schooled rustic musician; in 2012 she attended Boston’s Berklee School of Music. Bronwyn Keith-Hynes, who plays fiddle in the band, and Domenic Leslie, who plays mandolin, also attended Berkeley, and the music on City of Gold has a level of sophistication and finesse that you would associate more with jazz musicians than bluegrassers. The album was co-produced by Dobro master Jerry Douglas with Clint Holley serving as chief engineer. The sonic result is a fine-sounding album with excellent definition, detail, and dynamics. My favorite tune of the album is the spooky “Stanger Things,” which highlights Ms. Tuttle’s nuanced singing as well as Jerry Douglas’s dobro


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