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Merrill-Williams Introduces New Turntable and Significant Upgrade

January 14, 2015 – Merrill-Williams announced a significant upgrade to its original R.E.A.L. 101 turntable system, as well as a new, more affordable turntable: The PolyTable. Following are excerpts from the Press Release:

The Merrill-Williams R.E.A.L. 101.2 is again a totally new approach to turntable design. Using a patented R.ubber E.lastomeric A.coustic L.aminate along with other new innovations the Energy Management Design principals are raised to a new level. The 101.2 differs from the 101 by incorporated several features:  Built in Strobe, Fluid Damped Motor, Black Phenolic Plinth and Bubble Level.

For more Information go to:  www.realturntable.com

The PolyTable

The PolyTable is designed for the music lover who wishes for a quality turntable but is on a tight budget. The simple design criteria is to provide a quality product for anyone purchasing their first true high performance turntable. The looks are striking. The sound performance will best any table in the price category and beyond. www.hifigem.com

PolyTable price $1495.00


  • Plinth is designed to minimize energy movement
  • Unique looks
  • Two piece platter system with RCC Mat
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Built in bubble level.
  • As with the most expensive tone arms the supplied tonearm (Jelco SA250) provides VTF, VTA and azimuth adjustment. This allows an upgrade to any cartridge.
  • A quality 1.5 meter Audioquest cable is provided.
  • 33.3 – 45 RPM operation. 60 Hz
  • Made in USA by George Merrill

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