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LA Audio Show Debuts June 2-4

LA Audio Show Debuts June 2-4

You may have heard the news by now: There’s a new show on the block, the LA Audio Show that will be held June 2–4 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel (not far from LAX). This debut event is presented in collaboration with the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society (LAOCAS), and its theme is “Hear to Make Music”—a way to unify the range of exhibitors showcasing the different ways music can be reproduced and enjoyed. At the helm is show director Marine Presson, former manager of T.H.E. Show Newport Beach, who says the LA Audio Show will serve as an opportunity for audiophiles immersed in the high-end, high-fidelity world to renew their passion, and for those who are new to music reproduction at this level to experience the excitement of it—perhaps for the first time.

The exhibitor list features a host of well-known companies across the spectrum of categories, approaches, and price-points—Audio Research, Dan D’Agostino, Dolby Atmos, Chord, ELAC, Harman Luxury Audio, Kimber Kable, McIntosh Laboratory, Focal, Magico, Magnepan, MBL North America, Naim, Nordost, Synergistic Research, VAC, Vandersteen, Von Schweikert Audio, Wyred 4 Sound, and Zu Audio, among many others. Headphones and personal audio will also be prominently featured in a 7000-square-foot space serving as the dedicated “HeadGear Planet,” full of the latest from the likes of Astell&Kern, Audeze, AudioQuest, HiFiMan, MrSpeakers, Questyle, Sony Signature, WyWires, and others. In addition, LAOCAS Chairman Mark Katz and his team have curated an extensive seminar schedule covering a wide variety of topics, from MQA, recording provenance, and vinyl mastering and engineering to room setup, hi-res streaming, and high-end automotive audio. TAS Editor-in-Chief Robert Harley will moderate the popular “Legends of High-End Audio” panel featuring celebrated high-end engineers speaking about what they do best.

With its “same-neck-of-the-woods” geographical location, familiar leadership, and ambitious-sounding seminar schedule the LA Audio Show just might give T.H.E. Show Newport Beach—which incidentally is moving from Irvine to Anaheim this year—a run for its money. Watch for a full report on the LA Audio Show from TAS staffers and longtime expert contributors. More information is available at laaudioshow.com.

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