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John Coltrane: Lush Life

Lush Life
John Coltrane: Lush Life
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As with MoFi’s outstanding One-Step series, Craft Recordings’ one-step lacquer process, the first in the label’s new “Small Batch Series,” eliminates two processing steps to create an LP as close to the lacquer, and hence the master tape, as possible. If the results are as consistently fabulous as Lush Life, I can’t wait for more. Originally released in 1961, Lush Life was culled from a selection of previously unreleased Prestige sessions recorded at Rudy Van Gelder’s Hackensack studio. And that is just where you’ll imagine you are as soon as the trio (Earl May, bass; Art Taylor, drums) unfurls a dreamy “Like Someone in Love.” The sound is exceptionally detailed, present, and airy, with gorgeously rich instrumental tones and textures, excellent dynamic scaling, and a notable lack of groove noise that brings these performances to goose bump-raising life. The up-tempo “I Love You” and “Trane’s Slow Blues” close Side One, while Red Garland joins the B Side for a beautifully extended reading of “Lush Life,” which points to 1963’s Ballads, while a bopping “I Hear a Rhapsody” wraps it. The deluxe packaging and accompanying notes are likewise top-tier. Limited to 1000 copies at $100 each. Don’t hesitate.

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By Wayne Garcia

Although I’ve been a wine merchant for the past decade, my career in audio was triggered at age 12 when I heard the Stones’ Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! blasting from my future brother-in-law’s giant home-built horn speakers. The sound certainly wasn’t sophisticated, but, man, it sure was exciting.

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