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Introducing Vivid Audio Moya M1

Introducing Vivid Audio Moya M1

March 14, 2024 – For over 20 years, Vivid Audio has developed ground-breaking loudspeakers to consistent critical acclaim. As with any high-end audio company, we constantly seek ways to push the envelope further.

We’re therefore very pleased to announce the introduction of an all-new ultra-premium loudspeaker – the Moya M1. This will be the new flagship of the range. As always, the Moya M1 was developed according to Vivid Audio’s guiding principle – Form must follow Function.

Like many great ideas, the Vivid Audio Moya M1 started as a sketch. Quarantined in a hotel room during the pandemic, designer Laurence Dickie had the time to dream about a speaker that could do it all. The culmination of a lifetime in pursuit of acoustic design perfection.

A loudspeaker so imbued with power and authority that it would handle any and all types of music with effortless grace.


The first thing that strikes one on viewing the M1 is the imposing stack of bass drivers – eight legendary C225-100H drivers, each one capable of handling 800W, arranged in a new high-shove configuration. An awesome display of power!

In fact, the low frequency section played an outsized role in the development of Moya M1. During the testing process, a key finding emerged – extending a speaker’s bass response also improved the perspective of the higher frequency bands.

Each pair of drivers is arranged in a horizontally-opposed configuration on either side of the bass module, with magnets united by a substantial steel tie-bar to completely eliminate reaction forces and the need for a heavy enclosure.

The use of Vivid Audio’s generously proportioned reaction-cancelling ports eliminates cabinet vibration and minimises any turbulent effects which may limit low-end linearity.

Of course, any large loudspeaker can play loud. It was also critical to the team that the listener should be able to pick out the subtlest details – even amidst the hullabaloo of an orchestral crescendo or an explosive drum solo. After all, power is nothing without control.

DLC tweeters and computer-optimised filters

The experience is further enhanced by all-new Diamond-like Coated (DLC) tweeters, a material that can be applied to the surface of aluminium domes at a temperature well below melting point.

The contrasting properties between the DLC and the aluminium substrate heightened shear losses and significantly damp- ened the ‘Q’ of the break-up. A little black magic that goes a long way to enhancing the listening experience!

Thanks to the computer-optimised, passive, hard-wired filters (built in-house), Moya M1 delivers levels of smoothness, accuracy and phase matching once thought possible only with active systems.



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