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Introducing the Baetis Audio Prodigy-X Model and the Reference-X Model

Introducing the Baetis Audio Prodigy-X Model and the Reference-X Model

The following is a press release issued by Baetis Audio.

December 20, 2016 – The Prodigy-X and Reference-X models from Baetis Audio™ are all about the very best multi-channel audio as well as better integrated video.  They feature the newest Intel™ 170 chipset and 6th generation Core i5 or Core-i7 CPU, plus DDR4 RAM — and this means significantly higher CPU and RAM speeds.  Uniquely among our Prodigy models, the Prodigy-X comes standard with Baetis-designed AES for the best 2-channel audio, because this is a model meant for a very good MCh home theater system, which is likely to have a good pair of Left/Right speakers. 

The Reference-X model, comes with improvements over the Prodigy-X model that are typical of our Baetis models, such as internal anti-EMI fabrics meant to reduce audio and video noise from electro-magnetic-interference.  Plus, the Reference-X comes with better components on its 2-channel daughterboard than the Prodigy, when using the AES input of a high-quality DAC or the AES input of one of those few pre/pros that actually have a two-channel AES input (think Anthem™, Datasat™, Theta™, or Trinnov™).  Critically, the Reference-X takes advantage of academic research that suggests that the type of internal SPDIF/AES cabling makes a significant difference in the performance of the transformers used on our daughterboards.  The Reference-X also has a Blu-ray optical drive that costs several times more than the Blu-ray drives used in our Prodigy models or in typical HTPCs.  Baetis Audio™ is unique among high-end media server companies in that we are the only one that is licensed by One-Blue™ to install Blu-ray drives in our models.  If you have not heard Blu-ray music through a Baetis, you haven’t heard Blu-ray music – not to mention Blu-ray movies, concert events, and opera.

Both these new models utilize the latest Realtek™ HD audio codec on the motherboard which is critical to their MCh sound quality.  This audio codec improves audio dynamics (the difference in loudness between loud passages and quiet passages) which is great for MCh DSD audio files, especially classical files.  Meanwhile, the extra speed of the CPUs and RAM are critical for handling certain new MCh DSD files such as DSD256.  For example, a 6-channel DSD256 audio file might have a bit-rate of 56,448 kbps – compared to, say, a 24/192 two-channel HiDef file that generates 9,216 kbps, or a Redbook CD rip that generates 1,411 kbps.  No, your current “server” probably cannot play these very high bit-rate files given the server’s wimpy CPU.

Perhaps most important to the audiophile, all of our Baetis models, as well as the Prodigy 2 and Prodigy-X models, contain the Neutrik™ Powercon™ DC input connector.  This is not your basic “wall-wart” DC barrel connector — it permits any Baetis customer to audition the latest in external power supplies, including the Baetis “soft-switch-mode” PSU or the latest HD-Plex™ high-wattage linear PSU.

The Prodigy-X starts at $4995, while the Reference-X starts at $11,750, including the benefits discussed above, plus the potential benefits of full dealer support for Baetis models.  If you have your 2-channel system within a great home theater room, you will definitely need one of these media servers to fulfill your dreams.  Check out www.baetisaudio.com or call Joe at 1-888-357-0035, or email us at [email protected]

Note that the X-models also have an important new option – installation of the SOtM™ USBhubIN USB ports with SOtM internal clock board.  This is the ONLY high-end USB process that does NOT use a PCI-bus.  The thinking is the same as for our SPDIF and AES outputs – avoid the high common-mode noise of a PCI-bus, if at all possible.  While we think that AES generally beats USB, this is the best USB for those DACs that do DSD only via USB.

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