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Insider with Robert Harley — Coming in Next TAS

Upcoming in The Absolute Sound

Dec 29 – We’re just finishing Issue 170 (March 07 cover date, January 31 mail date) and it has some reviews of exciting new products. Neil Gader reports on an update of what has become perhaps the budget audiophile speaker, the PSB Alpha ($269 per pair). This new Alpha raises the price/performance bar even higher.

The issue’s main feature (and cover story) is a special report on subwoofers. Jonathan Valin and I review the Wilson-Benesch Torus “Infrasonic Generator” and the JL Audio Fathom f113, respectively. The two subwoofers are each at the cutting edge of the art, but take radically different approaches to reproducing music’s lowermost octaves. The feature includes interviews the designers, along with a technical primer of subwoofers.

JL Audio Fathom

We also have a special report from Robert E. Greene on the Lyngdorf Audio Room Perfect DSP-based room-correction system. Unlike previous generations of room correction systems, Room Perfect doesn’t require connection to a computer. It also employs much more sophisticated algorithms for removing room-induced frequency-response variations. It’s a revolutionary product, and one that I’m happy TAS has a scoop on.

The issue wraps up with an update of Harry Pearson’s Super SACD list. In it, you’ll find the crème de la crème in SACD, both in music and sound.

By Robert Harley

My older brother Stephen introduced me to music when I was about 12 years old. Stephen was a prodigious musical talent (he went on to get a degree in Composition) who generously shared his records and passion for music with his little brother.

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