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HEGEL Launches V10 Phonostage

The following is a press release issued by Hegel.

January 2021 – Hegel Music System AS is proud to announce the launch of our first ever phono stage. Say hello to the V10.

We have often been questioned when we will bring out a phono stage.  For years we answered; “no, we will never make a phonostage”. Later we gradually changed it to; “forever is a very long time, but I don’t think we will make a phonostage”.

But as people keep saying – these are extraordinary times – so here is the Hegel V10. A phonostage we have become extremely proud of.

MSRP/RRP: EUR 1,395 / USD 1,500 / GBP 1,350
Ships: Mid February
Size: Half with
Sound: Extremely good
Web: https://www.hegel.com/products/phono/v10


The V10 is an attempt to make the style of design and sound performance of a EUR/USD 3,000 type RIAA in a half priced package. Therefore the V10 is designed with fully discrete input stages using some very special hand matched pairs of FET transistors. Both for the MC and afterwards the MC stages. This ensures very low noise and zero DC feedback to the pick up. After the FET stages a new bipolar opamp stage takes over for optimal amplification.

Further, the V10 is 100% dual mono design. It uses an external AC power supply that is specially designed by Hegel for the V10. This power supply has two connectors. One for each channel feeding in to the V10. The main features here is a very low noise floor and optimal channel separation. The internal power supplies are also shielded heavily from the gain stages.

In our, perhaps not so, humble oppinion the V10 brings forward all the classic Hegel virtues. Dynamics. Resolution. Naturalness. Finally also for vinyl lovers.


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