HDtracks.com Offers DSD Downloads

HDtracks.com Offers DSD Downloads

November 2, 2015 - HDtracks.com, the largest online vendor of computer audio file downloads, has expanded their offerings to include Direct Stream Digital (DSD)-encoded files. Already offering Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD) files, which are PCM files recorded at 352.8 kHz sampling rate/24 bit word length, HDtracks.com's making available the popular DSD format should please hi-rez download aficianados. Originally designed to master Super Audio CDs, many landmark recordings (RCA Living Stereo and Mercury Living Presence, for example) are available in DSD format. And recording companies, especially those which record classical music, continue to release SACDs, which means new DSD masters are being created. As the demand for physical discs diminishes, it will be great to have new recordings, along with old favorites, available as DSD downloads.

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