Harman Introduces The Mark Levinson No 5302 Amplifier

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Harman Introduces The Mark Levinson No 5302 Amplifier

The following is a press release issued by HARMAN and Mark Levinson

NORTHRIDGE, California | October, 2020 — The brand-new Mark Levinson №5302 bridgeable dual-monaural amplifier is a triumph of precision engineering and bold design in the pursuit of pristine imaging, musicality and openness. Debuting today and sporting the stark cleanness of the signature Mark Levinson look, the №5302 amplifier delivers sound that has become synonymous with Mark Levinson: a deep, expansive soundstage, accurate image placement, extended low bass response and excellent pitch definition.

Commenting on the introduction, Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio noted, “The №5302 is simply a phenomenal amplifier that combines peerless Mark Levinson audio quality with the power to drive virtually any loudspeaker.”

The audio circuitry of the №5302 yields impressive performance. The fully discrete, direct- coupled, class AB amplifier channels get their power from an oversized 1100 VA toroidal transformer with individual secondary windings for the left and right channels. The voltage gain stage employs a topology directly descended from the acclaimed №534 amplifier, which is mated to an output stage comprising two high-speed driver transistors operating in class A and six 260V, 15A output transistors. Two Thermal-Trak devices in a unique configuration guarantee stable output bias regardless of load or temperature. Four 10,000-microfarad capacitors per channel, located directly on the output stage circuit board, easily provide enough current for a conservative 135W/channel at 8 ohms, 270W/channel at 4 ohms, and 550W bridged in mono, with stable operation at 2 ohms.

Input connectors on the №5302 feature a pair of balanced line-level XLRs and a pair of single- ended RCAs. Output connectors are two pairs of high-current multi-way binding posts. System integration, control, and communication ports include Ethernet, USB, RS-232, IR input, and 12V trigger input and output.

“The exceptional technology brought to bear in the №5302 combined with the flexibility to be used as a monaural or stereo amplifier results in a truly remarkable product that confidently completes our expanded 5000 Series range.” Garrett added.

The №5302 is priced at $9000 and proudly designed, engineered and precision-crafted in the USA. The №5302 will begin shipping in October 2020.

The new 5000 series products debuted during the Mark Levinson Reveals virtual event, for more information on the event and to watch it back click here.