GTT Audio Chosen to Represent Kronos Audio

GTT Audio Chosen to Represent Kronos Audio

November 18, 2013 – Montreal - Canadian based Kronos Audio has chosen GTT Audio as its United States distributor of high performance turntables. Kronos Audio, known throughout the world for their unparalleled Limited Edition Turntable, looks to GTT Audio for marketing and sales in the US for its existing and soon to be released new models.

GTT Audio plans to build a network of dealers to make these products visible throughout the United States. “I am very excited to have been chosen to represent Kronos Audio in the US. I have already developed a good working relationship with Kronos’ designer, Louis Dejardins. The Kronos turntable is by far the most dynamic, lowest in noise, highest in resolution and true to the source turntable I have ever heard.” Says GTT Audio’s president, Bill Parish.

Kronos introduced the worlds first counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable for which it received an international patent. Its unique design provides an unequalled level of stability, creating an optimum environment to extract more musical information from your vinyl records. Kronos will soon be releasing this technology in two additional turntables. The KRONOS offers the vinyl enthusiast incomparable listening enjoyment.

Every single component of the KRONOS is engineered for simplicity and ease of use: the uncomplicated construction enables easy setup, smooth operation and long-term reliability.

Kronos Audio

Kronos Audio, a Montreal based Canadian company, was founded in 2010. Kronos has received rave reviews throughout the world. Harry Pearson of HP Soundings might have summed it up best when he wrote, “the best turntable I’ve never heard…this turntable gives me all the musical truths I so desire…a masterpiece of design and sound.”