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Future TAS: Transparent Audio, B.audio, McIntosh

McIntosh PS2K

Transparent Audio PowerBank 6 AC Power System

The PowerBank 6 from Transparent Audio is a six-outlet AC-distribution product that offers surge protection and power conditioning for music and film systems. It works well with all Transparent products to remove line noise and modulation distortion, while also suppressing surges and spikes without the use of transformers or other series-filtering devices, which limit current capability and can add distortions. The PowerBank 6 provides unrestricted noise-free power. Its compact chassis is perfect for desktop or rack, and a 6-foot hard-wired power cord is included and is upgradable. Other features include high-current surge-protected U.S. outlets, Gigabit-network-source surge protector (its Avalanche diode surge protection never wears out), non-current-limiting noise-rejection filtration, Transparent’s Connected Equipment Warranty, and upgradeability to any PowerIsolator Series products.

Price: $995. transparentcable.com

Transparent Audio PowerBank 6

B.audio Alpha One Integrated Amplifier

The French manufacturer B.audio’s first streaming integrated amplifier, the Alpha One, is the result of experience acquired during the development of the company’s Reference Series electronics and represents a synthesis of B.audio’s technological know-how. It combines cutting-edge digital electronics and conversion, volume control, and multiple analog and digital inputs with a dual-mono, 120Wpc Class AB amplifier. B.audio’s proprietary EX networking module offers 64-bit active acoustic correction and advanced streaming capabilities. It’s a Roon-certified endpoint, enables Qobuz, Tidal, and Spotify streaming, and includes Apple’s wireless AirPlay connectivity. The Alpha’s built-in room-correction software helps to bring the system in sync with the unique acoustic characteristics of any room. B.audio develops and builds in-house all the main components of its products. The manufacturing of casework and electronic boards is carried out in France; final assembly occurs in the company’s workshops in Saint Hippolyte, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards.

Price: $17,000. monarch-systems.com

B.audio Alpha One

McIntosh PS2K Powered Subwoofer

With four 13″ woofers and massive magnets, the PS2K Powered Subwoofer from McIntosh Laboratories is powerful, to say the least. The system uses McIntosh’s patented Low Distortion High Performance (LD/HP) Magnetic Circuit Design to significantly reduce distortion while increasing the drivers’ power handling and efficiency. Each of the woofers is driven by a dedicated 500W Class D amplifier. The PS2K further pushes the pinnacle of McIntosh craftsmanship with its innovative multi-layer carbon-fiber cones that are strong, can resist long-duration extended-excursion travel, and are made rigid to reduce flexing. The PS2K features a variety of connection options that are compatible with virtually any installation. Equipped with two McIntosh protection technologies, Power Guard® (a feature created to prevent harsh-sounding clipping in real time) and Sentry Monitor(a fuse-less short-circuit protection circuit, which automatically resets when operating conditions return to normal), the PS2K comes in a high-gloss black finish with carbon trim and an aluminum base.

Price: $50,000. mcintoshgroup.com

McIntosh PS2K


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