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Future TAS: Tidal Intra Power Amplifier

Future TAS: Tidal Intra Power Amplifier

The Intra results from the uncompromising implementation of Tidal’s basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without any added sonic color or concealment of even the smallest details. The successor of the award-winning Tidal Impulse, Tidal Intra is first, and above all, a high-end stereo power amplifier that contains two physically divided stereo modules inside—a new design that combines Class A and Class D technology, a first for Tidal.  Thus, Intra is a dual-stereo power amplifier with four amplification channels for three different modes: high-end stereo, and two additional modes for special applications like active or passive bi-amping. There is an independent power supply for each channel. On tap are 340Wpc at 8 ohms, 670Wpc at 4 ohms. The back panel sports four XLR audio inputs. Weight: 27 lbs. 

Price: $28,000.


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