EnKlein Handcrafted Aeros Interconnect Cables

EnKlein Aeros
EnKlein Handcrafted Aeros Interconnect Cables

September 24,  2012 - The Aeros interconnect is made from a double “stiletto” construct that is an evolutionary step for EnKlein. The stiletto architecture was first introduced with the Amphora phono cable.

Aeros is constructed with our proprietary sealed air tubes to maintain an atmospheric balance not affected by changes in barometric pressure or humidity. Each fine silver conductor is hedged by type 1 copper for an internal barrier, reducing the noise floor and increasing air in the upper octaves and a controlled, deeper low end. Pairing with our proprietary thin film passive shield creates an environment for your music to thrive.

Why do we go to such extreme measures to protect the signal? It’s simple; the cable is not enclosed in a thick metal chassis typical for electronics and is exposed to the environment.

This remarkable cable expands the liveliness, rhythm, pace and expressive character EnKlein is renowned for, adding minute detail and harmonic shades previously obscured. The two phrases most often used by listeners; “just sounds natural” and “world class”.

Terminations: fine silver RCA or Delrin encapsulated silvered pin XLR.
Pricing of $6200 (1 meter and $3100 each additional meter).