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Davone Audio Launches Reference Two

davone reference 2

Værløse Denmark (May 27, 2024), Davone launches the Reference two loudspeaker.

With its roots in the award winning Reference One, the Reference Two is of similar no compromise acoustic design. Despite its more compact design, the sound similarities are uncanny, a testament to the design quality. The best way to describe the R2 is revealing yet easygoing, with a very well-controlled bass. Once you start listening, you’re hooked.

Main features:

  • 1” Beryllium tweeter, flush mount, narrow surround, magnetic flux near theoretical limit, very natural sound
  • 5” Textreme asymmetric and very stiff membrane that spreads and minimises break up modes for a clean and natural midrange, customized
  • Cabinet optimised for two way bass reflex.
  • Asymmetric acoustic wave reflector behind woofer spreads and reduces resonances in mid range
  • Internal bracing designed for optimal free airflow for the low frequencies
  • Internal Helmholtz absorber, minimal internal damping materials
  • Oversized linear bass reflex port with port entry near woofer for maximum efficiency
  • Curved baffle for minimal diffraction from 25mm thick form pressed wood
  • A very high tonal quality of
  • Minimalistic Scandinavian design, available with selected quarter cut walnut
  • 38-30.000Hz -3dB
  • 87 dB/2,83V/m
  • 21 kg
  • Height, width, depth: 97 / 34 / 31 cm
  • Retail price € 12.000,- / $ 14.000,- / GBP 000,-


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