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Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Sessions

The Trinity Session
Cowboy Junkies: The Trinity Sessions
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A critical as well as audiophile darling upon its release in 1988, Trinity Sessions has been given a deluxe makeover by Analogue Productions. Trinity Sessions’ master tape is digital, recorded with an R-Dat fed by a single Calrec Ambisonic microphone. That last detail, plus the acoustics of Toronto’s Holy Trinity Church, proved a perfect match for Cowboy Junkies’ dreamy take on American country music, which these Canadians had recently discovered on their first U.S. Tour. Balancing originals with a handful of classics, the LP famously begins with Margo Timmin’s a cappella rendition of “Mining for Gold” before sliding into her own “Misguided Angel,” a fine country song. These, along with the group’s sultry takes on “Blue Moon,” “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” and “Sweet Jane” are the best parts of Trinity Sessions, which to these ears can be a bit too singular in mood. Regardless, sonics are first-rate, as is Analogue Productions’ knockout reissue. The sound is exceptionally ambient and airy, with a remarkable sense of depth and a seemingly endless stage. Instruments are creamy-rich in texture, as is Timmins’ come-hither vocal style. If you love Trinity Sessions, you’ll want this edition. 


By Wayne Garcia

Although I’ve been a wine merchant for the past decade, my career in audio was triggered at age 12 when I heard the Stones’ Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! blasting from my future brother-in-law’s giant home-built horn speakers. The sound certainly wasn’t sophisticated, but, man, it sure was exciting.

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