B&W CM6 S2 Sneak Preview

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B&W Group CM6 S2
B&W CM6 S2 Sneak Preview

The new CM Series 2 line of loudspeakers has borrowed the signature look and performance of B&W’s decoupled tweeter—found on the company’s 800 Diamond and PM Series speakers—and made a new "Double Dome" version that is extremely affordable and sonically potent. I recently received a review pair of the CM6 S2 stand-mounted loudspeakers, and am shocked by the high-quality sound they produce. In small or medium-sized rooms, the CM6 S2 will not only provide enough oomph to satisfy your rocker needs; it will also give you the finesse that acoustic music demands.

            On the front panel you will find the same iconic 6.5" yellow woven-Kevlar mid/bass driver that makes B&W speakers so striking-looking, as well as the new 1" decoupled Double Dome tweeter on top, which uses an extra aluminum ring to add rigidity to the main tweeter’s diaphragm. The two-way CM6 S2 is a bass-reflex design that comes with two plugs for easy placement near walls; it is also capable of being bi-amped for added control and flexibility. At 88dB, the CM6 S2 isn’t the most sensitive stand-mounted loudspeaker on the market, but it will work well for those who already have amplifiers in the 50–100W range.

            For $2000, the CM6 S2 stand-mounted loudspeakers sound really solid, with crisp, precise imaging, exceptional soundstage capability, and enough bass extension to fill a small room. (With a low end that begins rolling off at 100Hz, the CM6 S2’s may not be fully satisfying in larger rooms.) The mids and highs are what really shine on these speakers, especially with recordings of acoustic guitar, solo piano, and string quartet. The CM6 S2’s are designed to be used in conjunction with B&W’s speaker stands, to which the speakers can be securely coupled using supplied threaded hardware, which remains concealed. This secure mounting allows cabinet resonances to be tamed a bit, and provides a channel for resonances to flow into the floor.

            All in all, B&W has created a line of speakers that beautifully balances both affordability and high performance. With the CM6 S2 stand-mounted loudspeakers, you can achieve great sound for small listening spaces without spending a fortune. Thanks to trickle-down technology from B&W’s 800 Series, the CM6 S2 is a big performer in a little box.

Specs & Pricing

Type: Two-way, bass-reflex stand-mount loudspeaker

Driver complement: 1" decoupled tweeter, 6.5" Kevlar mid/bass

Frequency response: 100Hz–22kHz

Sensitivity: 88dB

Impedance: 8 ohms

Recommended amplifier power: 30–120W

Dimensions: 15.9" x 7.8" x 11.9"

Weight: 19.6 lbs.

Price: $2000


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