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Burmester Unveils New Bespoke World

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Personalized Audio Perfection: Burmester Unveils New Bespoke World, Paving the Way for Individual Design Horizons

Burmester creates emotional audio experiences with passion. Each product embodies the fusion of sonic perfection with aesthetic elegance – an experience that fulfills the highest acoustic, visual, and tactile demands. Now, Burmester takes one step further by introducing its new Bespoke World, where customers can bring their personal vision to life.

Burmester’s new Bespoke concept is built on the belief that customization holds a significant dimension in the high-end market. Essentially, it revolves around refining and designing handcrafted audio systems and components according to personal preferences. The result is unique creations that seamlessly blend into individual spatial and design concepts, visualizing a statement that encompasses the customer’s personality.

Unique Pieces with Personal Touch

Within the newly created Bespoke universe, unique one-of-a-kind pieces emerge based on customer demands, traditionally crafted at Burmester’s Berlin-based premises. It unlocks individual design possibilities, placing creativity at the core. From decorative elements to expansive designs, all existing product offerings can be customized based on personal visions. This encompasses the option to personalize products in unique color tones or create decorative elements and larger surfaces from various materials and resources. Bespoke offers an inexhaustible range of possibilities.

On the Path to Exclusive Uniqueness

In close collaboration with retailers, Burmester pursues a comprehensive approach to fulfill individual customer requests. Bespoke inquiries are accepted through the website www.burmester.de/en/homeaudio/bespoke or directly through authorized retailers. The initial step always involves an evaluation to assess feasibility and ensure compliance with standards. Burmester ensures the preservation of its product’s value, paying attention to biodiversity conservation, while maintaining the fundamental product design, including the Burmester logo. Every Burmester product is available in a Bespoke version.

Bespoke gives rise to unique and personal audiovisual artworks, tailored down to the minutest detail to meet individual needs. Interested parties have the opportunity to immortalize their personal vision in Burmester’s renowned audio products.


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