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BMOP Launches Online BMOP Radio Station

The following is a press release issued by BMOP.

Boston, MA | May 29, 2019— Known as the nation’s foremost label launched by an orchestra and devoted exclusively to 20th and 21st century music, BMOP/sound today announced the debut of BMOP Radio, its own commercial-free, 24/7 online streaming radio station broadcasting the label’s entire catalog of 75+ recordings. Listeners now have universal access to a robust album collection of orchestral music performed by the award-winning Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP)—the country’s leading orchestra dedicated to performing contemporary symphonic repertoire. From the latest creative achievements of today’s most innovative composers such as Andrew Norman, Chen Yi, Steven Mackey, and David Sanford, to rarely heard masterpieces by 20th century luminaries including Virgil Thomson, Leon Kirchner, and William Schuman, BMOP Radio’s digital archive provides an inimitable abundance of online music.  BMOP Radio is available online at BMOP.org/radioLive365.com, and via mobile at Live365 app, and the iTunes or Android app store.

“BMOP Radio seeks to expand the new music audience, increase awareness of BMOP/sound’s recordings, and make 20th and 21st century compositions easily accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of economic means or geographical proximity to a concert hall,” explains Gil Rose, founder and director of BMOP, BMOP/sound, and BMOP Radio.  “With the advent of BMOP Radio, we are eliminating the barriers to exploring contemporary orchestra repertoire. We hope to give new music a greater presence in the lives of all types of listeners. “

According to Rose, BMOP Radio is helping build a continuous, living legacy for orchestral music. “All too often, even the best and most acclaimed new American orchestral compositions disappear from the concert hall after their premieres. To address this neglect, BMOP, its in-house record label, and subsequently its radio station, are creating opportunities for the diverse voices that reflect the American identity to be heard on the concert stage and in high quality recordings.”

With six Grammy nominations, the BMOP/sound record label lives up to WQXR Radio’s declaration that it puts “every other symphony orchestra in the country to shame […] in terms of its fresh, varied recordings.” According to Audiophile Magazine, “BMOP has been one of the dominant forces in programming and recording new and neglected modern American concert music, with BMOP/sound offering a wealth of releases consistently notable for the scope and daring of the repertoire, the superior expertise and polish of the performances, and the strict adherence to the highest standards of sonic reproduction. Much of the music on BMOP/sound is packed with intricate and novel instrumental pyrotechnics, and to hear the modern symphonic orchestra in its full splendor, rendered with a rich, vivid presentation that conveys all the detail, dynamic range, timbral subtleties, and acoustic space, is quite

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