AudioVision San Francisco Grand Opening and Launch Party

Venerable West Coast Dealer Settles Into New Abode

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AudioVision San Francisco Grand Opening and Launch Party

AudioVision San Francisco has gained a reputation in the Bay Area and the West Coast as one of the best high-end retailers as well as an audio enthusiast’s paradise. Owned and operated by Antonio Long and Randy Johnson, the shop sports products from over 100 different manufacturers and has been a mainstay on Pine Street in the heart of San Francisco for nearly fifteen years. But when they learned that they would not be able to renew their lease, Antonio and Randy needed a new plan. Fortunately, they didn’t let the bad news get them down, and they’ve found an even better location one street over.

To celebrate the new location, Antonio and Randy are throwing a grand opening party on August 16 that coincides with the California Audio Show. The party not only shows off the new and improved location (see the picture of Antonio and Randy hard at work building the new listening rooms), it will also be the site for two major U.S. premiers: KEF’s new Reference loudspeaker and DALI’s Rubicon series. The launch party will also feature the latest products from Devialet, Rega, and Nordost.

Representatives from each of the companies will give a talk about the products, and there will be a special presentation honoring the people who made AudioVision’s transition to their new location possible (an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign helped finance the move, which shows how much the high-end community loves their hi-fi shops).

Refreshments served and a drawing will be held to win some free goodies. Ultimately, the grand opening and U.S. premier party is a celebration of brick-and-mortar retail shops persevering despite the odds. They aren’t just a place where we buy our hi-fi gear; they’re a place for exploring our sonic dreams. The new AudioVision San Francisco location will feature three listening rooms with one of the largest collections of high-end gear in the country. Over sixty-five different loudspeakers from fifteen different manufacturers will be on display, and that’s just their speaker collection! If you are in the area, or are heading to the California Audio Show, make sure to spend Saturday evening with fellow audio enthusiasts at AudioVision San Francisco’s grand opening launch party.

AudioVision San Francisco Grand Opening Launch Party
Saturday, August 16, 8-11 p.m.
1628 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 614-1118