Audio Research Launches New Trade-Up Program For Customers

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Audio Research Launches New Trade-Up Program For Customers

The following is a press release issued by Audio Research.

MAPLE GROVE, MI | February 14, 2019: Today, Audio Research is proud to announce a special program allowing Audio Research Owners in the US to participate in the new Trade Up! program. The program offers owners of qualified Audio Research products trade-in values up to 75% of their MSRP when traded-in toward new Audio Research products.

Audio Research products are of the highest quality and can retain high value on the secondary market, emphasized as current owners are able to receive up to 75% of their original MSRP buying price. 

Please contact your participating US Audio Research Dealer for more details on the Trade Up! Program, noting this promotional offer is valid until May 31, 2019 and limited to US-based dealers. A complete list of eligible units can be found HERE.