Arturo Delmoni Analog Master Tape to Direct Stream Digital Crowdfunding Project

Arturo Delmoni Analog Master Tape  to Direct Stream Digital Crowdfunding Project

The following is a press release issued by Arturo Delmoni.

October 15, 2018 - 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of the recording of Arturo Delmoni’s legendary Water Lily solo-violin recital LP Arturo Delmoni Plays Bach-Kreisler-Ysaÿe (WLA WS-07). That LP has been a fixture on The Absolute Sound’s Super LP List, and continues to be cited in equipment reviews in TAS and in other publications.

Recorded at night in a monastery chapel, Delmoni’s compelling performances combine thrilling technique with thought-provoking musical insights. This minimalist-audiophile, two channels from two microphones, analog-tape and tubed-electronics production remains a reference for the recorded sound of a violin.

Record producer and audio and music journalist John Marks (whose idea the original recording project was) acquired the Water Lily analog master tapes in 1995, in order to issue Compact Discs from a Bob Ludwig digital remastering. However, there has never been a high-resolution digital transfer.

John Marks now proposes to crowdfund a DSD256fs (Quad DSD) Direct Stream Digital transfer of the original analog master tapes. Marks plans to offer DSD256, DSD128, and DSD64 Direct Stream Digital downloads; he will also offer PCM downloads, if there is sufficient demand.

The incentives to early commitment are a 25% discount off the retail price of the downloads (e.g., $36 retail for DSD256, minus 25%, is $27), and the satisfaction of joining in to help make a state-of-the-art digital realization of an analog recording that is a true classic.

By the way, John Marks is certain that the Guadagnini violin of 1780 that Arturo Delmoni played at his December 1988 Water Lily recording session, in 1949 was played on Charlie Parker with Strings by Max Hollander, the concertmaster of that string section.

Those seeking more information on the crowdfunding effort will find it here: