Arcam Made in USA Amps at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

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Arcam Made in USA Amps at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

October 9, 2014 - At the show, Arcam will have a serious stereo system built around the new C49 Preamp and a pair of the 400 watt P49 mono amps configured as mono-blocks.

The main system in Room 8009 will consist of:

  • Arcam CDS27 CD/SACD Streaming disc player NEW $TBC
  • The Arcam D33 SuperDAC $3199
  • The C49 High-end Stereo pre-amp NEW $4750
  • Two x P49 High-end Stereo Power amps configures as 400 watt mono blocks NEW $5000 each

Arcam will also show the $149 Hi-Def Bluetooth streamer mini-Blink and the entry-level $999

FMJ A19 stereo amp, set up to drive Canton Reference 3.2s. The A19 system will also feature the new VinylPlay turntable from Flexson

In addition there will be a vinyl rig of appropriate quality for the big system that is being loaned to us by a local retailer (ListenUp) and will be named later.  There will be the $2000 UDP411 Disc Player and an AVR450 on static display.

Andy Moore of Arcam UK will be available to chat about why Class G is class “A” and other pithy topics.

Note on the new $5750 FMJ A49 Stereo Integrated Amp (pictured)
This is a staggering new integrated amp with a money no object build remit. Arcam Founder John Dawson was given the task of building the best amplifier he could and he has done a cracking job!

The A49 uses class G amplification, which allows the A49 (and P49s) to run in full class A for the first 50wpc then switches into class AB for anything more that is required, all the way up to the full output of 200w in 8Ω. To hear just what this delivers come on in with a piece of music you thought you knew and hear it as it should be !!

The A49 delivers 400 to 800 watts of muscular finesse, balanced with 100 watts of Class-A sweetness, class leading detail retrieval and an ultra-low noise floor.

The C49/P49 Combo ups the Performance and Power

MUSICAL above all
We at Arcam don't build equipment to ream your ears out and impress on one quick listen. Arcam kit is made to be musical and enjoyable over years and years of listening. Many Hi-Fi and AV products are sharp and clear, very 'Hi-Fi' but they don't play music in an enjoyable fashion. Arcam kit gets more involving and more musical the longer you listen.

ABOUT: Arcam of Cambridge UK
Pioneers of the modern Hi-Fi industry, Arcam are one of the world’s most prestigious audio engineering companies, with nearly forty years of experience building both affordable and high-end HiFi and Home Cinema equipment. Arcam research and design their world-class products in Cambridge UK and are noted as a global authority on Digital Audio.