An Evening with AudioQuest’s Bill Low, Joe Harley, and Skylar Gray

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An Evening with AudioQuest’s Bill Low, Joe Harley, and Skylar Gray

Friday, July 25, 5 – 8pm: Please join Music Lovers (2295 Bush Street, San Francisco) for an open house with AudioQuest’s Bill Low (founder and CEO), Joe Harley (SVP, Marketing and Product Development), and Skylar Gray (Director, Ear Speaker Division), each of whom will be available to share and discuss current and future products, answer any questions, and listen to some excellent music. Guests can look forward to a compelling and far-ranging discussion with three of the most talented and enthusiastic individuals in our industry. For more info, visit or call (415) 345-8111.

Founded by Bill Low in 1980, AudioQuest is a premier provider of high-performance audio and video cables and accessories. In the dynamic, fast-paced world of consumer electronics, the inputs and outputs of our audio/video components and mobile devices may forever alter shape and size, but one thing remains constant: AudioQuest fills the holes, makes the connections, bridges the gaps between enthusiasts and their favorite artists, music, and movies by always working toward lower distortion and creating stronger bonds—never merely innovating for innovation’s sake, but always developing products that its customers want to buy.

AudioQuest also pioneered many audiophile-recording techniques through the company’s former record label, AudioQuest Music, previously run by Joe Harley. Today, Joe is not only AudioQuest’s SVP of Marketing and Product Development, but also a member of Music Matters, Ltd., the team responsible for reissuing some of Blue Note Records’ greatest albums. To date, he has produced over 100 highly regarded blues and jazz titles, including the Grammy nominated “Delta Crossroads,” by Robert Lockwood Jr.

Formerly a lead designer at Westone and currently the Director of AudioQuest’s exciting new Ear Speaker Division, Skylar Gray is one of high-end audio’s brightest young designers.    

AudioQuest cables carefully combine solid conductors, high-purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics, among other sophisticated design elements, to enable clean, clear, beautiful sound and images. AudioQuest’s core values are evident in all of our products—from our entry-level Tower analog interconnect to our top-of-the-line WEL Signature, from our Cinnamon Lightning cable to our best-selling DragonFly USB DAC. However you decide to connect to your media, AudioQuest develops and delivers an attractive, reliable solution that represents both extraordinary value and exceptional performance.