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Aavik Introduces New 180 / 280 / 580 series | Amplifier, DAC, Streamer and RIAA


The following is a press release issued by Aavik.

December 2020 | The Danish high-end audio brand Aavik has become renowned for its untiring endeavor to set new benchmarks for the quality of high-end audio performance. With their latest series of amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), streamers, and phono stages (RIAAs), Aavik has again managed to live up to this reputation.

For each of these series, Aavik uses Tesla coils, dither circuitry and anti-aerial resonance coils – premium technologies from their sister company, Ansuz Acoustics – to bring the noise level down and to secure an unconstrained signal flow. The finest nuances of musical details are now projected onto a larger sound stage with an extremely quiet background.

The amplifiers are equipped with the patented UMAC™ technology.

The DACs provide four different audio settings to better accommodate individual listening preferences.

The streamers boast six separate, low-noise, regulated power supplies to secure an unprecedented clarity and precision.

The phono stages have an absolutely quiet input section that allows exploring even the finest musical details of a vinyl audio source.

For an entirely new potential of authentic sound that is warm, harmonious and powerful, Aavik’s engineers tapped into the audio properties of a new, natural-based composite material for the cabinets. The shape of these cabinets is inspired by the design and construction of traditional music instruments.

All units are embedded in the same shape of cabinet. The inner chassis of the premium 580 series – Aavik’s most sophisticated reference series – is made of solid copper, which delivers more energy and power to the music.

The Aavik 180 and 280 series are the junior series but share to a very large extent the DNA of the 580 series.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to audition the various optional configurations of the new Aavik series, and immerse yourself into a completely new dimension of an authentic sound experience in high-end music with previously unknown dynamics, lightness and emotional passion.

Visit the Aavik website www.aavik-acoustics.com to learn more and to find your local Aavik dealer.


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