• Synergistic Research Atmosphere Cable, Level 4

    Synergistic Research Atmosphere Cable, Level 4

    The Atmosphere line of speaker wire and interconnects from Synergistic Research (SR) represents the brand’s latest thinking on cables. Comprising four distinct models with ascending levels of performance, Atmosphere is perhaps SR’s most ambitious offering ...
  • Audioengine HD6

    Audioengine HD6

    For any audio company, making the leap from the desktop to the listening room is not the simple, slam-dunk proposition it might appear to be. The goals are often at odds with each other and ...
  • Vandersteen Audio Treo CT Loudspeaker

    Vandersteen Audio Treo CT Loudspeaker

    The question is actually a very simple one: Are you an audiophile whose ears are attuned to the sound of live, unamplified acoustic music performed in a natural setting—traditionally defined in these pages as “the ...
  • Esoteric K-03X CD/SACD Player

    Esoteric K-03X CD/SACD Player

    The K-03X is Esoteric’s penultimate CD/SACD player. Similar in appearance to the significantly more costly Esoteric flagship K-01X, the K-03X represents a commanding presence. Built to a standard of quality and luxury that few players ...
  • Rogue Audio RP-5 Preamplifier

    Rogue Audio RP-5 Preamplifier

    Equipped with remote control, phonostage, four unbalanced RCA inputs, microprocessor control, and even a trendy front-panel headphone output, the Rogue Audio RP-5 is a handsome, full-featured preamplifier that’s thoroughly modern in every sense of the ...
  • Spendor D7 Loudspeaker

    Spendor D7 Loudspeaker

    Everyone hates to admit it, but first impressions count. So, call me superficial, but I became an admirer of the Spendor D7 straight out of the box. Here was a neo-classic 38" tower that was ...
  • Dali Rubicon 6 Loudspeaker

    Dali Rubicon 6 Loudspeaker

    Last year I had the good fortune to attend a launch event for the Dali Rubicon Series loudspeakers thrown by Dali and its North American distributor, Dallas-based The Sound Organisation. Dali’s latest line includes five ...
  • CES 2016: Speakers Under $20,000

    CES 2016: Speakers Under $20,000

    Introduction Funny thing about the high end and how quickly one technology is jilted for another. I’m referring of course to the venerable compact disc player—a source component that has never performed as strongly as ...
  • Elac Debut F5

    Elac Debut F5

    One of the great stories in the high end for 2015 is the resurgence of the venerable German loudspeaker company Elac, and its hiring of one the industry’s top designer/engineers Andrew Jones. Jones, formerly of ...

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