• Canton Vento 807 DC Loudspeakers

    Canton Vento 807 DC Loudspeakers

    Germany might not be the first nation audiophiles would turn to when looking for fine European loudspeakers, but over the past decade several German speaker manufacturers have really started to make their "marks," so to ...
  • Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    Thorens TD 190-1 Turntable System

    When audiophiles hear the words "automatic turntable," they are quite likely to turn up their noses. Rightly or wrongly, most automatic turntables are associated with "mid-fi" gear. Yet, before the advent of CDs, I suspect ...
  • Bellari VP129 Tube Phono Preamplifier

    Bellari VP129 Tube Phono Preamplifier

    Full-function preamps with integrated phonostages are becoming hard to find, so if you want to listen to vinyl these days you’ll probably need to buy a separate unit. But many inexpensive solid-state models sound cold, ...
  • PS Audio GCC-100 Control Amplifier

    PS Audio GCC-100 Control Amplifier

    Variable gain power amplifiers have always made a lot of sense to me from a sonic, if not always a practical, standpoint. Including a gain control to vary the voltage output of the amplifier approaches ...
  • Clearaudio Performance Turntable

    Clearaudio Performance Turntable

    Floating the platter of a turntable on a cushion of air has been an approach used by some designers of high-performance turntables to reduce bearing friction, improve speed stability and isolation, and lower the noise ...
  • Cambridge Audio Azur 540D DVD-A/V player

    Cambridge Audio Azur 540D DVD-A/V player

    British companies like Meridian and Arcam have used their extensive experience in highperformance audio to springboard into leadership positions in home theater electronics—a transition tougher to pull off than one might think. Whereas it is ...
  • KEF XQ5 Loudspeakers

    KEF XQ5 Loudspeakers

    KEF has been around for over fifty years and some audiophiles may need to be reminded just how good many of its speakers are. In the 1960s and 70s, KEF was among a small group ...
  • Quad ESL-2805 Loudspeaker

    Quad ESL-2805 Loudspeaker

    Have you ever had a reference component in your system for years and sold it because you felt that something else just had to be better? Perhaps my biggest audio regret is selling my Crosby-modified ...
  • Eben X-3 Loudspeaker

    Eben X-3 Loudspeaker

    A couple of reasons why most loudspeakers don’t sound like live music are that they are dynamically compressed and that they fail to accurately replicate hard transients. Ultimately, they just don’t have enough dynamic headroom ...

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