• A Shout-Out to Bryston

    A Shout-Out to Bryston

    The comedian Emo Philips once said of women: “You can’t live with them, and you can’t get them to dress up in skimpy little Nazi uniforms.” I often recall this line as I contemplate my ...
  • Esoteric K-03 (TAS 213)

    Esoteric K-03 (TAS 213)

    The Esoteric K-03 is not your usual CD/SACD player. Its designers have innovatively combined a highly refined CD/SACD transport and a full-function DAC within the same luscious chassis. Although on the surface that doesn’t seem ...
  • Denon ASD-51W iPod Dock (TAS 213)

    Denon ASD-51W iPod Dock (TAS 213)

    A reader recently wrote in to complain that TAS reviews overuse the phrase, “(Component X) performs like units costing many times its price.” Whether you agree with that sentiment or not, I can assure you ...
  • Alan Taffel on THE Show Newport Beach

    Alan Taffel on THE Show Newport Beach

    Exhibitors were skeptical but willing to give it a go. Organizers sensed an opportunity. Attendees couldn't believe it was even happening. And to the surprise of them all, the inaugural Newport Beach event turned out ...
  • dCS Debussy DAC (TAS 209)

    dCS Debussy DAC (TAS 209)

    In 2003, Bentley Motors shocked the automotive world by introducing the Continental GT. Until then, acquiring one of Bentley’s bespoke motorcars would set the purchaser back several hundred thousand dollars. But the Continental GT cut ...

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