• CES 2016: Digital and Personal Audio

    CES 2016: Digital and Personal Audio

    Just one year ago the high end’s digital scene could best be described as nebulous. Manufacturers weren’t sure where technology was going, what customers were looking for, or how to wrangle those mobile device-toting youngsters ...
  • B&W's 800 D3 New York Launch

    B&W's 800 D3 New York Launch

    Just one month after Neil Gader received a personal preview of the new 800 Diamond 3 at B&W’s British factory (read the preview here), the company officially launched the series to the world. The U.S. ...
  • Dieter Burmester (1946–2015)

    Dieter Burmester (1946–2015)

    The high-end audio community suffered a tragic and unexpected loss on August 15, when Dieter Burmester passed away in Berlin after a short but severe illness. The loss was tragic because Burmester, who founded and ...
  • Estelon XB

    Estelon XB

    Given the title of this review, you might assume I’m going to focus on the Estelon XB’s shapely figure. And, to be sure, there is that. The XB—like all Estelons—has one of the most sensuous ...
  • High End 2015: New Age Audio

    High End 2015: New Age Audio

    While Robert, Jon, and Julie were doing the honors of covering traditional audio gear, I turned my attention to a new category I’ve dubbed “new age audio.” This is the realm of components designed to ...
  • CES 2015: Speakers $20,000 and Under

    CES 2015: Speakers $20,000 and Under

    It’s just not fair. Designers of expensive speakers get to use diamond-studded drivers enshrouded in mu-metal, solid-aluminum, or molded-marble enclosures. But if you’re building a speaker that will retail at $20k or less, those headstarts ...
  • Magico S5 Loudspeaker

    Magico S5 Loudspeaker

    I’m going to tell you right up front that I am not someone who has loved every Magico to come down the pike. I fell hard for the original Mini and have admired its descendants. ...
  • 2014 New York Audio Show

    2014 New York Audio Show

    Plants. That’s what made the difference between heavenly and hellish-sounding rooms at this year’s New York Audio Show. It took me a while to clue into this. I was in one of the better-sounding spaces, ...

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