• Magnepan LRS Loudspeaker

    Magnepan LRS Loudspeaker

    For decades now, Magnepan has been trying to find stylish ways to fit its large planar-magnetic loudspeakers into smaller listening rooms without overly compromising the quick, neutral, highly coherent, boxless presentation for which Maggie dipoles ...
  • 2019 Golden Ear Awards: Jonathan Valin

    2019 Golden Ear Awards: Jonathan Valin

    MBL 101 X-treme Loudspeaker $260,000 In honor of the 101 X-tremes’ tenth anniversary, I invited these new and improved versions of MBL’s 2000-pound, twin-chassis flagship loudspeakers back into my listening room. Comprising two Radialstrahler columns—each ...
  • From Hi-Fi to Ultra-High End

    From Hi-Fi to Ultra-High End

    The High-Fidelity Era: 1945–1970 If the pioneering epoch of loudspeaker design was driven by the motion picture and broadcast industries, the subsequent “high-fidelity era” was more centered on home entertainment and, in particular, on Columbia ...
  • Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeaker

    Voxativ 9.87 Loudspeaker

    I might as well start at the finish: The surprisingly compact, two-piece (main speaker and sub) Voxativ 9.87 is a great loudspeaker system that I could easily and happily live with until I’m carted out ...
  • MSB Reference DAC and Transport

    MSB Reference DAC and Transport

    Well, what do you know? I’ve finally found digital components I can live with! Of course, the MSB Reference DAC and Reference Transport under review here aren’t gonna push my record players and tape deck ...

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