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2023 Golden Ear: Thorens TD 124 DD Integrated Turntable

Thorens TD 124 DD Integrated Turntable


This integrated turntable is a fully updated and upgraded version of the classic TD 124 (1957–65), an idler-driven design known for its flow, forward motion, drive, and continuity. Eschewing the idler in favor of a very sophisticated new direct-drive motor, the 124 DD fully lives up to its heritage while exhibiting a bold, exciting presentation allied to a high degree of sonic neutrality without slighting finesse, subtlety, nuance, and detail. Ergonomically, it lays claim to being the most intelligently realized and thought-through record-playing setup I’ve ever used, while its retro styling is irresistible (to me, anyhow). Although it enters a very competitive retail sector of the integrated turntable market that includes similarly priced models I’ve reviewed from several other manufacturers, its overall performance is second to none of them and is fully competitive with others costing multiples of its retail price. (337)


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