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100 gecs: 10,000 gecs

10,000 gecs
100 gecs: 10,000 gecs
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“Hyperpop” was a new one on me, but it makes sense. Shatter and reassemble several decades’ worth of pop-music tropes, manipulate the audio till the computer screams, and have actual fun while doing so. Even having the vocals smothered in AutoTune—something I can usually tolerate for about three seconds—works here. 100 gecs gives us 10 songs in 26 minutes, combining punk whimsy a la Ween or They Might Be Giants with sudden, omnivorous texture shifts a la Beck, heavy metal guitars, and sounds that are pushed past distortion into explosions. Even the swooping THX theme is fodder for creative destruction. The earnest, goofy “Frog on the Floor” could be a singalong favorite, while the fragmented guitar riff that introduces “Doritos & Fritos” takes a gleeful swipe at the cross-string exercise of “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” “Dumbest Girl Alive” is “Valley Girl” for a new generation: “I’m so happy I could die/Put emojis on my grave.” “I Got My Tooth Removed” starts out in doo-wop territory before whipsawing into an amped-up ska song complete with a Spike Jones cowbell hit. It’s brash, it’s ADHD, but it’s a breath of fresh avant-garde air in the pop world.


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