Classic TAS Reviews


“Overall, then, the MartinLogan CLS withstands the test of time in exemplary fashion. Its only significant shortcoming is the lack of deep bass. Other than that, it is a world-class speaker system.” —John Nork, Issue 46, March/April 1987


“Dollar for dollar, I consider this the best speaker in High End speaker systems. It represents the mating of an electrostatic midrange/high-frequency panel with a conventional ported enclosure, containing a conventional cone-type woofer. I am told that dealers sell this speaker almost before it’s unpacked, and I can well understand why. If I myself were on a budget, it would most likely be, with some reservations, the speaker I would choose to live with.” —Harry Pearson, Issue 57, January/February 1989


“Sanders has done his homework. Today MartinLogan is a ‘force’ in High End circles, just the way Magnepan was a decade ago. The CLS II is aesthetically neat and sensible, fascinating and serious; musically brilliant.” —Andrew G. Benjamin, Issue 62, November/December 1989

Sequel II

“The MartinLogan Sequel Series II loudspeakers come as close as anything I’ve heard to succeeding at the gnarlsome enterprise of fusing a cone woofer with an electrostatic panel. The things really do display the transparency of the latter with the taut control of the former —and pretty seamlessly at that.” —Fred Kaplan, Issue 64, March/April 1990


“It is still the most seamless electrostatic-dynamic hybrid I know in its price range. It is better than the Apogee or VMPS ribbon-dynamic woofer hybrids I’ve reviewed, and clearly outperforms any combination of Quad-subwoofer I’ve heard. So for the combination of an electrostatic’s excellent midrange and the dynamics and deep bass of a box design, the Prodigy comes through as top performer in its price range.” —Anthony H. Cordesman, Issue 129, April/May 2001


“The Scenario combines an 8-inch woofer with MartinLogan’s patented curvilinear electrostatic panel into one of audio’s sweetest deals. From the mid-bass on up the sound is clear and coherent, detailed, and highly musical.” —Wayne Garcia, Issue 138, October/November 2002


“How does the Source sound? In a word, terrific. This is one very quick, very high resolution, surprisingly robust, wideband, and coherent loudspeaker, capable of making select voices and instruments sound as you-are-there ‘real’ as some multi-thousand-dollar Big Boys. If you haven’t heard a MartinLogan electrostat in awhile, you kind of forget just how astonishingly lifelike they can be. Despite the fact that all ’stats use the same basic drive system, panels from different companies sound as substantially different as dynamic loudspeakers from different companies. Logans are fast, fast, fast —and transparent, as in ‘clear, pure, uncolored.’ Hearing plucked guitars or violins played back on CLSes always made everything else, even other ’stats, sound slightly stuck in the mud. It’s no different with the Source. ” —Jonathan Valin, Issue 180, March 2008


“I’ve never heard a loudspeaker that’s as transparent or high in resolution as this one.” —Jonathan Valin, Issue 190, February 2009

Summit X

“If a speaker ever deserved hyperbolic praise, it is the Summit X. It represents a technological triumph, but most importantly, technology in the service of music. Whether you’re an oil sheikh or on a more moderate budget, the Summit X should be on your short buy list. I can safely affirm that it is the best-sounding hybrid ESL in the world, and that is bad news for expensive box speakers. In fact, I can’t think of a box speaker under $40k I would rather live with. A mandatory audition for anyone serious about reproduced music.” —Dick Olsher, Issue 209, January 2011