The Absolute Sound Buyer's Guide to Digital Source Components 2016

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Free and easy-to-navigate, The Absolute Sound’s Buyer’s Guide to Digital Sources offers full-length equipment reviews from TAS and brand-new introductions across all digital source categories—from DACs, Portable Players, and Disc Players, to Music Servers, Software, and Integrated Amps with DACs.

This all-new 2016 guide is your one-stop resource for the scoop on the latest and greatest hi-fi gear, plus:

  • “On the Horizon”—12 of the latest hot new digital products to enter the hi-fi market
  • MQA Feature Package—Robert Harley explains what you need to know about MQA, from tech details to FAQs.
  • 27 equipment reviews of digital gear from The Absolute Sound—including a review premiere of a new, truly multimedia disc player
  • Top Picks—TAS editors select their favorites by category