The Absolute Sound's Buyer's Guide to Loudspeakers 2016

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The Absolute Sound’s Buyer’s Guide to Loudspeakers—our brand-new and biggest-ever 2016 edition—covers all types of transducers, from floorstanding, stand-mounts, and desktop speakers to planars and horns, across a range of price categories.

We’ve culled the world’s top speakers to provide you with an easy-to-navigate PDF, available as a FREE download.

This 2016 Buyer’s Guide includes 28 full reviews from TAS, plus plenty of new content created especially for the Guide:


  • “On the Horizon” Find out about 20 of the hottest upcoming speakers.
  •  “Six Secrets of Speaker Placement” Get essential advice from Robert Harley.
  •  “Sneak Previews” Check out brand-new loudspeakers about to be reviewed in TAS.
  •  “Our Top Picks,” See the best loudspeakers in four categories across a wide range of prices, as chosen by our editors.


Whether you’re in the market for loudspeakers or just want to learn more, consider this Guide essential reading!